Application Procedure for Higher Study in China

Most of the Chinese universities receive international applications through online mode.

Applicants, who are willing to obey the Law of China and rules of concerned university, can write to overseas students Office of the International Exchange Division and present the following materials:

  • The completed “Application Form�? which can be downloaded from university websites.
  • Record of education and school reports (copies are acceptable)
  • Copies of passport
  • Health Certificates from a public hospital
  • Two recommendation letters (for postgraduates only)
  • Generally an application fee which ranges between US$15 or higher.
  • Time for application: Application time is from April to July every year for the students studying for degree programmes. There is no time limitation for the advanced and language-learning students.

Major Chinese bodies and their Functions for Foreign Students Affairs

  • China Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges

    This body provides consultation and other kinds of services to foreign students who plan to study in China.

  • The State Education Department

    The department of State Education formulates basic principles, policies, regulations and measures for the work concerning nationwide foreign students’ affairs.

  • Universities and Colleges

    Universities and colleges accepting foreign students usually have special Foreign Students Agents, dealing with foreign students’ enrollment applications enrollment registrations, courses, administrations, consultation and daily services.

  • Provincial education commissions

    Provincial education commissions undertake drawing foreign student’s principle, policy, regulation and methods for each own jurisdiction. Under each provincial,  education commission is set up a special organization in charge of coordinating foreign students affairs within its own jurisdiction and providing advices and other kinds of services.

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