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China - an upcoming Study Abroad Destination!

Study in China


Few people might be aware that education in China is improving rapidly with more and more schools and colleges being opened every year. In order to compete with the West, the government has been funding universities with large amounts of money to help them raise the standard of education and develop new techniques and methodologies in education. Like the Ivy League of the US, China has its own C9 League of top nine universities that are ranked highly, globally. Today, programs in humanities, medicine, engineering, management and business studies  offered by top colleges in China are in great demand.

As of 2015, there were almost 14,000 Indian students studying in China, out of which around 80% are pursuing medical courses like MBBS. The second-most popular course among Indian students in China is Chinese language and culture.

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Official Name: People’s Republic of China
Capital: Beijing
Largest City: Shanghai
Currency: Renminbi (popularly referred to as Yuan) (RMB (¥) (CNY – Chinese Yuan)
1 Chinese Yuan=10.04 Indian Rupees
Time Zone: 2.5 hours ahead of Indian Standard Time (IST)
Calling Code: +86


China welcomes international students with open arms and quick visas. The government is even planning to give about 50,000 scholarships in the year 2015. The kind of investment that the government is making in order to improve education, indicates that the government is committed to provide quality infrastructure that will serve as the backbone for the growth of new colleges and universities for study in China. It is encouraging to note that 27 universities of China are ranked in the Top 100 Universities of BRICS & Emerging Economies, 2016.


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Applying for a Student visa for China:

Once you have compiled the list of top universities in China and started applying for the courses that you want to study, you have to start going through the visa requirements. A student visa is required when it comes to studying in China.There are few things that you have to keep in mind:


  • It is always a good idea to keep track of the application deadlines of the universities and to apply in proper time.
  • You also need to know the time required for grant of a Student visa from the Chinese Embassy.
  • If studying abroad in China is your decision, then you need to apply for a student visa for China and submit it at least thirty days before your planned date of departure.
  • Make sure that you have all your documents ready. Once you submit the documents you should get your visa in about four working days. You can even get it within two or three days if you pay up some extra fees, in case you are in a crisis situation. However, it depends on the decision of the Chinese Embassy whether such a service needs to be provided or not.
  • A JW202 Form is required from the university in which you have applied for, in order to get your student visa. This applies even if you plan to do summer study in China. Therefore, to be on the safe side it is always better to submit your application to the university about two months in advance.
  • The universities have their own limitations when it comes to accepting students. Therefore, it is always good to be an early bird; as you will stand a better chance to get accepted or to even win a scholarship. (ReadScholarships to Study in China)
The cost of studying in China is quite low as compared to countries like the US and the UK. Traveling in China is also quite affordable that will allow you to spend some amazing weekends in this country. Also, the job opportunities in China offer you a good reason to pursue your higher studies here. 

Top Universities in China

Every year more and more students all around the world, choose to go to China for higher studies. Chinese universities have been ranked highly by various global ranking systems. ReadTop colleges and universities of China

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