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Important Terms in Dubai

There are a number of basic Arabic Phrases that can help you in an Arabic Speaking Country, such as in Dubai.

Following are some commonly used Arabic Words and Phrases

Words of Greetings

  • Hi or Hello: Salam
  • Good Morning: Sabah el kheer
  • Good Bye: Salama
  • Good Night: Tosbeho khair (when speaking to a male)
  • Tosbeheena khair (when speaking to female)
  • Assalaam Alaikum -Peace be up on you
    To which the reply is: Wa Alaikum assalaam -And peace be upon you
  • Sabah al khair – good morning
    To which the reply is: Sabah al noor

First Ten Numbers

  • 0 -siffr
  • 1 -wahid
  • 2 -itnain
  • 3 -thalatha
  • 4 -arba
  • 5 -khumsah
  • 6 -settah
  • 7 -sabaa
  • 8 -thamaaneeya
  • 9 -tissaa
  • 10 -asharah


  • Right: Yameen
  • Left: Yasar
  • Straight: Sida

General Phrases for Conversation

  • How are you? Kaifa Haloki (female)
  • Kaifa Haloka (male)
  • Thank you: Shokran or Mushkoor
  • You’re welcome: Aafwaan
  • I don’t speak Arabic: Ana la atakellem al arabi
  • I speak English: Atakullum inglieezi
  • Yes: Naam
  • No: La
  • Please: Min fudluk
  • Can you help me? Hal Beemkanek mosa dati?
  • I’m sorry: Aasef (for making a mistake)
  • How much is this? Kam howa thamanoh?
  • I don’t understand: La afham
  • Do you speak English? Hal tatakallamu alloghah alenjleziah?
  • What is your name? Aysh ismuk

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