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Student Visa for France

Individuals require a student visa for studying in France. Following are the courses in which the individuals can apply for studying

  • Full time course – Erasmus -Mundus course
  • Student exchange programme
  • French language course ( summer courses etc)
  • Short term internship programme, will need to apply for student visa.

All the applicants must submit certified true copies of relevant document along with the application form. The university will decide on the recognition of your academic background based on the recommendations of an education committee and will decide at which level you can qualify to enter. Once your application is done successfully you will receive a confirmation or conditional offer letter from them which can be used to apply for a long stay student resident’s visa.

You need to complete the acceptance form and send back to the university along with the Accommodation. And your financial summary along with your visa documents will be verified at the Embassy of France or the consulates based in New Delhi and Mumbai. After considering the complete application, approval is given by the France Embassy forStudent Visa. Within 48 hours after the consideration of the application you can get your visa.

The following documents will be accepted as proof:

  • A PassportThe passport must be valid for the entire period of validity of the visa.
  • Proof of Enrollment: You have to submit the required proofs of enrolment for obtaining Student Visa.
  • An offer of preliminary admissionYou are required to show the offer letter for admission in a particular institute/university

A statement of pre-registration in a public or private institution of higher education: The document must specify the level of study and the student’s subject. If the institution is private, the statement must indicate the number of course hours and state that registration fees have been paid in full.

  • Proof of Financial Resources: Each French embassy sets the level of financial resources to be demonstrated by prospective students from that country. Students receiving scholarship grants must produce a statement indicating the amount and duration of their grant on the letterhead of the granting organization. If the required resources are guaranteed by an individual residing in France the student must produce a signed statement of financial responsibility, a photocopy of the national identity card of the guarantor, and proof of the guarantor’s own financial resources (such as the guarantor’s three most recent pay stubs and most recent tax return). If the resources come from abroad, the student must demonstrate that a bank account has been opened into which the necessary funds will be deposited and produce a promise of payment, translated into French and bearing the authenticated signature of the individual responsible for making the payments, or a statement of payment of funds from the authorities of the student’s country of origin.
  • Proof of Insurance Coverage: Proof of insurance must be provided by students over 28 who are nationals of a country that does not have a reciprocity agreement with France or who are enrolled in an institution that is not recognized by the French government to participate in the student health insurance plan.
  • Parental Authorization: Minors (individuals under 18 years of age) must furnish proof of consent by the person or persons having parental authority.
  • Required Vaccinations: In some cases, the consulate may require proof of vaccination (e.g., against yellow fever, cholera etc.)

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