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Why Choose France for Higher Education

France is one of the most sought after international destinations for higher education. The country seems to be high on the list for many reasons:

  • A pioneering country in Science and Technology. And a leading economy. Almost every business organization has its hubs in France, thereby making job placement in France an easier option for successful candidates.

  • France is a well known center for scientific and technological innovation: The electronic card, the TGV train and the Ariane launcher, the discovery of the HIV virus are some of the most notable feats of the last decades.

  • Education in France is subsidized by the state and thus provides good value for money by offering internationally recognized degrees at affordable costs.

  • World class quality is maintained by the various faculties consisting of professors from universities in France and abroad. There are also visiting professors from world famous institutions besides numerous experts drawn from various fields. Students are supervised and assessed on a daily basis to achieve low failure and reduce dropout rates.

  • Innovative teaching methods which are modern, pragmatic, and interactive and integrate new technologies are employed. This helps the students to compete successfully in the international arena.

  • In order to attract more international students, French Universities are now increasingly using English as the medium of instruction especially in areas like management, engineering, political sciences etc.

  • Overseas students are given a warm welcome as part of the traditional French hospitality. Most campuses nowadays have a multicultural environment.

  • For students lacking proficiency in French, language centers and special courses are available during vacation time.

Check out this video to have for information on France

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