Working While Studying in Germany

Indian students are visiting Germany for higher studies quite often these days, MBA in Germany and MS in Germany are two most popular courses among Indian students. With various benefits in Germany for education it does not come as much surprise as to why students want to pursue their higher education in this country. Foreign countries have work permit visas for international students so that they can work as well as study. The work experiences may differ in each country, students can only work in foreign countries if they acquire a work permit visa from that country.


There are certain rules and regulations whilst work in a foreign country that are addressed when a student applies for work permit visa. Students usually choose working while studying in a foreign country because they can not only gain experience through the employment but also save some money to pay tuition fees, accommodation and other day to day expenditures.


Most Indian students who visit Germany for higher education are pursuing engineering related courses while few others have chose courses of Management. Universities in Germany encourage their students to acquire practical knowledge which as we know plays a significant role in improving education or university taught subjects understanding in totality.

job while studying in Germany


Departments at Agentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency) in Germany assigns work permit visa for students. It is very necessary that students must be wholly aware of the rules and regulations of acquiring a work permit visa. The regulations of work permit visa have

How to apply for job in Germany from India?

Jobs in Germany for Indian students can be found through online research, approaching professors or college placement departments. Students can apply for the work permit visa at Federal Employment Agency in Germany before arrival and after arrival individuals can consult or approach their college/institution/university regarding the part time jobs for students in Germany or student internships in Germany.

Since living in Germany requires students to at least understand basic level of versifying in German. Study and work in Germany for Indian students can be reliable as individuals can learn as well earn to save or life a healthy lifestyle in the country. Part time jobs for students in Germany should be easily accessible and very time consuming, some ideas for applying internships or part time jobs on and off-campus jobs are:

  • Tutoring English lessons
  • Waitressing
  • Teacher or Research assistants
  • Engineering field internships

Part time jobs in Germany for Indian students salary is about 450 Euros, students who earn less than 450 Euros don’t necessarily have to pay taxes. Applying for part times jobs for in Germany for international students might be difficult initially but with the help of communication, co-ordination and technology students can find jobs in Germany.

Frequently asked questions about working in Germany

Can I work in Germany with a student visa?

Student work permit in Germany is offered by the government of Germany however one must apply for work permit visa only then students can work in the country.

How many hours can international students work? Or how many hours can you work on a student visa in Germany?

Students are allowed to work 120 full days or 240 half days in a year. During semester or term, students are not allowed to work more than 20 hours a week. However, students can work and earn extra with applying for summer jobs in Germany or term vacations.

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