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How to Study Abroad with a Low GPA

Getting bad grades is not the end of your career. Students with bad grades often panic about not getting admission into a University due to their strict admission criteria. But bad grades shouldn’t be an obstacle to excel in your career, this is especially true for students planning to study abroad. 


There are few ways through which you can work on your bad grade and improve your score in order to get admission into a college of your choice. Keep reading to know how:

1. Start working on your low score

working on low GPA

It is better to start working early on your flaws. Start focusing on your studies to score better marks. In case you are struggling with some subjects, join tuitions or go for group studies. Group study is a great way to socialize while studying. When you explain and discuss studies with each other, you tend to remember them better.

2. Repeat low score subjects

A good way to improve on your GPA is to retake those subjects in which you couldn’t score well. If you think you’re weak in a few subjects, get help and prepare well. It is always good to retake subjects immediately after you find you’ve scored low because the subjects are still fresh in your memory. It’s okay to retake a subject few times until you score well in it. 

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3. Join a Pathway Program

Pathway programs assist students who need additional preparation to get admission to a degree program at a University. These one year programs are tailored to boost your confidence and teach necessary skills to help to get through the University admission.

4. Actively take part in extracurricular activities

extracurricular activities

Universities take into account your extracurricular activities at the time of admission, if you’ve taken part in sports, music, theatre or dance. you can highlight your achievements in your University application. Students who actively take the initiative to do something else along with studying are always preferable.

5. Study at a Community College

A community college is generally a two-year higher learning institution that offers diplomas, and transfer degrees. Community Colleges are very popular in the US and offer a variety of study options for foreign students to choose from. These Community Colleges do not have very strict admission criteria and have other benefits like low tuition fees and the option to transfer later to accredited universities. Community Colleges are the best option for students struggling with low GPA.

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6. Get recommended by teachers and mentors

Ask your teachers to write a letter of recommendation for you. The teachers who work very closely with you will be able to tell about your strengths and accomplishments better. 

7. Write an impressive personal statement

personal statement

Take time to write an impressive personal statement that will leave a good impression on the admission officers. Write about your achievements and skills and be honest about what you write.

8. Choose the right college for you

Finally, try to find out colleges whose have relaxed admission criteria, you might not get an opportunity to get into the top colleges, but you can definitely get admission into a good college with proper research.

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Low grades shouldn’t kill your enthusiasm to study hard and improve in your career. If you are among those who are stuck with bad grades, try improving your grades by following the tips above and you may get into the University of your choice.

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