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Study Tips to help you Score 700+ in GMAT

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If your aim is to get into an MBA program offered by the best B-schools around the world, it is important that your Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) score is more than 700. Last year (2015), the average GMAT score accepted by Stanford University was 733, while Wharton’s MBA program requires an average GMAT score of 732. Similarly Booth requires 726 and Harvard Business School needs an average GMAT score of 725.

In short, your target GMAT score needs to be 700+ and you need to keep this figure in mind while you go about with your GMAT preparation.

How to score more than 700 in GMAT?

Keep in mind these 5 simple GMAT tips and modify your study plan to ensure that your score crosses 700:

  1. Register for GMAT & get your exam date in place. This will help a lot as you now have a fixed deadline and you’ll be able to work towards preparing yourself for the D-day.
  2. Diagnose your GMAT preparation level. That is, take a full-length GMAT test before you start studying. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. And this is where the official GMATPrep® Software comes in handy. Your GMAT score with zero-preparation level will give you a good idea of how intensely you need to prepare.
  3. Arm yourself with enough preparation material. To be honest, most GMAT toppers have only used the official GMAT prep material. You too should ensure that for starters, you cover “The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 2017” completely. Only after you are thoroughly well-versed with the official study material, should you think of moving on to other books (like the Manhattan GMAT package.) Also, hunt for free online GMAT prep material, there’s a lot of free stuff floating around on the internet. Use them to your advantage. Also read: Preparation tips & free GMAT study material
  4. Aim for the stars, only then will you reach the moon. Keep your target score as 750, better still – let your dream GMAT score be 800. That way, even if you miss and fall short, you would safely cross the 700 mark.
  5. Maintain a routine. You need to study for at least 2 hours every day, instead of sitting for 10 hours once a week. Daily practice would result in better retention of what you learn, rather than long cram sessions.

These tips may sound too simple, but the secret to how to score 700 in GMAT.

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