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How To Register For GMAT

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The GMAT score is accepted worldwide by many business schools, however, the management programs have varying application deadlines throughout the year. You must therefore, check the application deadlines for your desired course and register for GMAT & schedule your GMAT test dates accordingly – so that you may receive your GMAT score well before applying.

Since the GMAT is administered year-round and on-demand, you can take the test any time of the year. However, there may be certain limitations such as the number of GMAT test-takers on a particular day, which GMAT considers before allotting a date. In this article, we discussed how to register for the GMAT.

It is advisable to schedule and complete your GMAT registration a few months in advance.

How to register for GMAT Examination?

1. Visit the official GMAT website and create an account by filling in your name and email ID.

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2. You will then have to proceed to create your GMAT profile by filling in your detailed personal information and verifying them. (Be careful while you fill in your name and date of birth, for they must exactly match with the information on the ID you will present at your GMAT exam centre.)

3. You can then choose a test centre in India. Available time slots at test centre change continuously based on capacity and ongoing registration. When you register, the available times for your chosen test centre will be displayed. You may then choose a time convenient for you.

4. Pay a sum of USD 250 (almost 16,600 INR) as the GMAT exam fees and your GMAT registration process is complete!

Rescheduling your GMAT
Test Date

You may reschedule your test date if required, however this includes a fee of US$50 if you do so seven days before the chosen test date. Otherwise, the fee is US$250 if there are fewer than seven days time left before your chosen test date.

Canceling your GMAT
Test Date

If you cancel your GMAT 7 days or more than 7 days before your schedule GMAT date and time, you will receive a refund of US$80. But if you cancel within the last 7 days before your exam is due, no refund from your GMAT registration fee will be returned to you.

GMAT Retest Policy

If you are not too happy with your GMAT scores the first time you took it, you always have the option of retaking it. You can retake the GMAT once every 16 days, but in a year you can’t take it more than 5 times.

GMAT Registration For
Physically Disabled Candidates

If you’re a physically disabled candidate, extra efforts are taken to ensure that taking the GMAT is a comfortable experience for you. Detailed information about the GMAT registration process and additional allowances offered to such candidates is provided on their official website.

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