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Student Accommodation in Ireland

All third level institutions will have an accommodation officer or adviser who can provide information for you about accommodation on, or close to your campus.

List of Student Accommodation in Ireland

  • Self Catering Accommodation

Self catering accommodation includes a large number of options from a room in a shared house to a large private apartment. While self catering accommodation can offer full independence, the prospective student should be aware that there can be significant set-up costs associated with self catering accommodation such as:deposits, connection charges for utilities, bedding and the purchase of household items.

  • On Campus Accommodation

Most universities and a number of other colleges offer on-campus accommodation.This can range from a single or shared room in a large apartment to a one-bed roomed apartment. Your institution of choice will be able to provide you with full details of the options on offer.

  • Family Based Accommodation

Many international students, particularly in the first year, opt to choose family based accommodation. This means a private room in a family home where two meals (generally breakfast and evening meal), utility costs and laundry services are provided. Again the institution you are applying to will have lists of experienced families in the area who provide approved accommodation for international students.

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