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Health Insurance in Malaysia

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Need For Health Insurance in Malaysia Health Insurance is essential to apply for a study permit which is recognized in Malaysia. In Malaysia the cost health care services are very high. In A sudden illness or accident requiring hospitalization can result in towering medical bills. It is important to protect oneself from the burden of costly medical bills.

It is thus advisable that international students to make the necessary financial arrangements for the medical aid cover prior to entry into Malaysia. In case of sickness or injury, Insurance policies also provide you with a range of high quality benefits and features that will cover you in unfortunate times.

As an international student who is either planning to study in Malaysia, will need to show proof of international health insurance coverage as part of your university admission process. Most schools and colleges in Malaysia require that your insurance coverage meet certain levels so that you have the right coverage and are protected in case something happens.

Medical Insurance Card

The student must be aware of the locations of emergency centers closest to them. Also, they must know which hospital is their insurance policy’s preferred provider, and where it is located. Medical Insurance Card must be carried at all times. Should one need to be admitted to the hospital, the Medical Card will ensure that one is admitted without unnecessary delay.

Please note that there are several types of health insurance made available by local insurance companies.


The major types of medical insurance in Malaysia includes:

  • Dread Disease Insurance: Providing a lump some amount of money on diagnosis
  • Disability Income Insurance: Source of income when you cannot work due to disability
  • Hospital Income InsuranceProvides specific amount of money on being hospitalized for treatment
  • Health CardIt covers all the hospital charges and charges for surgery

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