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Masters in Corporate Finance Abroad

Financial management is a very important part of organizations; it is the way to handle the financial assets along with controlling and performing the duties for being fully functioning organization. There are various categories of financial management, categorized according to the requirements and parameters of the organizations. Considering there are many organizations that function on different sectors- corporate or business for example. Therefore, the approach and studies may vary according to the need of management in order to control the organization. The most suitable degree for the same is Masters in Corporate Financial Management


Corporate Finance is a category that controls and manages financial assets of the company along with managing its shareholders. Among many of the tasks assigned to a corporate finance management graduate is analyzing business practices and strategizing plans for developing the business for better outcome. Corporate financial management itself is a vast concept with many departments that handle various tasks to control the finances of a firm/organization. Financial Planning, Cash management, Project Management, Business development, Property management, Real Estate Development, Budget planning are some of the categories where the expertise of corporate finance manager is need.

Masters in Corporate Financial Management

Students who pursue MSc in Corporate Finance Management incur qualities and abilities to deal with finances in the capital sector of corporation. Masters in Financial management is an accurate course for those who are willing to work in large scale corporate sectors with opportunities of learning more about capital investments and investment banking. The role of corporate finance departments is to look after financial activities and capital investments of an organization. With MSc corporate finance management students have an excellent way to learn the functions of managing and controlling businesses along with the benefit of understanding about financial management and investments, leading to better idea of entrepreneurship.


Best masters in Finance programs in the world are offered at universities in United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Let us have a look at the countries offering MSc Corporate Financial Management

Study Msc Corporate Financial Management in UK

United Kingdom is a wonderful destination for students, who are willing to pursue accounting and finance as the country is well acclaimed for business studies which covers most part of guiding students to handle finance giving students the experience and more opportunities in the field. Students choose United Kingdom as their ideal destination because of the lifestyle and quality of education provided in the city. UK has some of the best business schools for finance, without a doubt! 

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France- Popular Destination for Msc Corporate Financial Management

Studying in France can expose students to variety of opportunities in the field of business as well as fashion industries. Headquarters of many corporations are situated in this city where students can approach and experience in the corporate finance industry.

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Germany for MSc corporate Financial Management

With automobile manufacturing the country has many industries set. The benefit of no tuition fees is utilized by students with fairly affordable living. Choosing Germany can help students learn and live independently. Masters in Financial management in Germany will guide students to work on financial management on international level. The MSc Programs in Corporate Finance are very popular in Germany. 

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Although MSc in Corporate Financial Management is not offered widely in Canada, Masters in Finance Canada is a similarly popular course. 

The subjects/syllabus taught in MSc Finance Top Universities (Corporate)

  • Principles of Finance
  • Financial Markets and institutions
  • Financial reporting and company performance
  • Methods for financial data analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • Global Financial markets and the financial crisis

Eligibility for pursuing Masters in Financial management

  • IELTS score with minimum 6.5 overall or TOEFL (minimum score required may differ university to university)
  • Bachelors Degree or any finance related course
  • CV/Resume 

With limited universities focusing on the specialized corporate finance program, an individual can opt for other top MSc Finance programs in the world approaching with similar dynamic:

  • MSc banking and finance
  • MSc finance and management
  • MSc accounting and finance

Career Prospects after Masters in Financial Management

  • Financial Analyst
  • Real Estate Officer
  • Cost Analyst
  • Cash Manager
  • Investor Relations Officer
  • Benefits Officer
  • Credit Manager  

Top Countries to study MSc in Corporate Financial Management

Spain, UK and Germany

Universities offering Top Masters in Finance Programs




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