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Masters in Human Resource Management

An organizations success entirely depends on its people. Hiring healthy and skilful employees is very important for the growth and prosperity of the firm. It is important to present a pleasant environment for employees so that they can work and achieve the company’s goals by working in a hospitable surrounding that prompts quality of work. During the development of the industrial sector in Europe, Robert Owen and Charles Babbage who are popularly known for their contribution in industrial sector came to an interesting conclusion that promoted better work environment. The conclusion was that to run successful firm, companies must recruit one or more than one number of people to manage their employees and provide a professional yet pleasant work environment for generating booming results. Later, this team who plays a mandatory role in managing, organizing and providing a motivating work environment for its employees were called as Human Resource Management team or HRM. Masters in Human Resource Management is hence, a field that will never go out of business. 


What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management or HRM/HR is a concept of effective management of people in an organization along with motivating its employees to acquire the organizations goals by providing them with the necessary environment and resources to perform with productive results for the growth of the organization.

In brief, the work of HRM team is to hire, maintain and motivate an organizations employee to perform better to generate business and successful results that derive growth of the organization. The work of HR managers is to motivate and guide their employees about the goals and responsibilities of employees towards the growth of the firm or organization.

masters in human resource management


Why Study Human Resource Management?

As we know, management is a key role of an organization. It prompts better performance and also helps in keeping the employees or the team in a pace that guides them about their roles and responsibilities for the growth of the organization. There are various Masters level degree courses for understanding the concept of Human Resources Management better. Top universities for Human Resource Management offer post graduate in Human resource management that has guided its students about the techniques and skills that are required to improve the organizations work pattern in order to induce or invoke success of the organization.

It is important to understand the requirements or necessities of a single or a group of employees who strive on generating effective results for the company. Studying Masters in Human Resource Management will develop the understanding of the concept and give a better guidance on the roles and responsibilities of Human Resources. Other Masters in Human Resources courses include MS in Human Resource Management or MSc Human Resource Management or MA Human Resource Management or MBA in Human Resource Management.

PG in Human Resource Management deals with guiding students on resolving issues regarding the compensation, performance pattern and organization development. Masters degree in Human Resources also educates students about the tasks that are required to perform the organization management effectively. Tasks include understanding about the process of recruitment, learning about the necessities that are required for better performance to acquire or generate business and company growth results.

Individuals who have keen interest in management can pursue Masters in Human Resource as the role and responsibilities are highly and closely related to managing the organization and also have an elevated opportunity of learning the functions and morals that result in the success of a company or firm or a business. Masters in HRM is a widely available program and therefore exploring best universities for Human Resource Management in the world will provide students with expanded and augmented knowledge related to the course.

The program structure of Masters in Human Resources is focused on guiding students about the operational and managerial functions of HRM:

  • Organizational development
  • Resourcing and Developing Talent
  • Employee Relations and Labour Laws
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management

What is International Human Resource Management?

International Human Resource Management is an advanced degree the program structure for the course is similar to HRM degree. However, the modules and techniques taught in the universities or colleges that conduct International Human Resources Management degree are global level practices.

With the expanding economy and opportunities of studying and living abroad it is now possible to witness and manage the international firms. International Resource Management degree is commonly opted course and is available or offered at top universities in the world. The course prepares students to manage, organize and adapt the roles and responsibilities of foreign firms. The value of International Human Resource Management is highly appraised by companies. Therefore, choosing Masters in International Human Resource Management is a option than option for just a Human Resource Management degree or a specialized degree of HRM.

International Human Resource Management master’s degree requirements are same as Human Resource Management in foreign countries. The course structure followed is taught by addressing the functionalities and techniques of managing and operating an international based organization.

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Human Resources


The duration of Masters in Human Resource Management is 1 year or 2 years

Countries for Master in HR programs 

United States of America

Universities and colleges in USA offer almost all specialized degrees among them management degrees in US are quite popularly known. Most master’s level degrees in USA are available under the title of MS or MSc. Therefore, Masters in Human Resource Management USA programs are best offered as MS or MSc in Human Resource Management. Other than MS in Human Resource Management in USA an individual can also choose MBA in HR in USA as it is one of the most sought after HRM course in the country. Other the difference of it being a science related degree MSc HRM program structure is not variably different than MBA in Human Resource Management or MA HRM.

With top firms located in the country and better employment opportunities, USA is indeed a perfect country to learn and gain experience in Human Resource Management. Acquiring international managerial experience is an additional benefit of studying the course. Students can find best colleges for MBA in Human Resource Management in this country.

United Kingdom

The most popular destination for Masters in Human Resource Management in Europe is undoubtedly United Kingdom. MSc Human Resource Management courses are offered in some of the top ranked universities in the world. MSc HRM or MSc HR courses in United Kingdom from reputed universities can result in good quality of knowledge and also acquiring practical set of skills from reputed firms or organizations in UK.  MBA in HR in UK is also offered in the universities of the country, pursuing MBA in HR Management is mainly focused on the managerial activities that are related to the role of HR.


Canada is a wonderful destination for Indian students to study management courses. The country has some of the best colleges for Human Resources Management. The environment and welcoming nature of the people in the country is something that attracts international students. Apart from that the country is also developing with industrial corporations which eventually increase the employment opportunity for students.

Universities in Canada offering Masters in Human Resource Management are limited. Human Resource management in Canada are offered at bachelor’s level degree, master’s level degree and doctorate level degree. Masters in Human Resource Management in Canada or Masters in Human Resources Canada can also be found with specifically directed role degree such as Masters of Employment relations, Post Graduate certificate in Wellness and Promotion, etc.


Australian universities are popular with management related courses. Eventually with time, Human Resources have developed in terms of technology. Virtual human resource is a core part of recruiting and training, digital technology has resulted in rapid development of Human Resources. However, it is true that all universities in the world provide training on how to make effective use of technology.

Universities in Australia are technology inclined therefore learning about new techniques under the Masters in Human Resource Management in Australia is undoubtedly a great choice. Students can also choose other specialised HR courses in Australia like Business Human Resource Management, Strategic People Management, etc.

Career Prospects after Masters in Human Resource Management

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Salary Administration
  • Employee Welfare
  • Maintenance Labour Relations
  • Training and Development Officer
  • Occupational Psychologist
  • Risk Management

The HR designated course is also offered at Bachelors level, however opting for Human Resource Management after graduation is a wise choice. Because all Master’s level degree focus on research modules and practical methodology which lead to better adaptability of the roles and functions of HRM.

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