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Masters in International Management - Programs, Colleges, Abroad


A successful organization desires managers who are capable of dealing and controlling business affairs on the global level. International managers are highly valued at organizations, their role and responsibility is to control foreign businesses which generate fairly good revenue for the organization/firm. It is important that an international management student develops communication and business managerial skills after completing the course. Needless to say, Masters in International Management is gaining wide popularity. 


The main aspect of international management is to manage and evaluate business propositions to foreign traders or organizations. International management course is structured for students who have a keen interest in learning business guidelines and regulations to function as a potential global leader. International managers have several roles and responsibilities that require understanding of business aspects like finance, leadership, evaluation, management, etc. students pursue the international management course to learn about the techniques and abilities required to work as an international manager.

Masters in International management has got popular among students as the course guides students with marketing, business, leadership and management skills which are some of the primary requirements in any field. Studying international management course will also result in acquiring various global business managing abilities.

Subjects/ Topics Covered in International Management

  • Business Research Methods
  • Fundamentals of International Business 
  • International Business Strategy
  • Global Business Analysis 
  • Economics Principles 
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Countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Australia and Canada offer the international management masters level degree widely in their universities. There are several international management programs among which some are special degrees that focus on a specific subject, we’ve mentioned few examples below.

Special Degrees within International Management

International Business Management:

The degree mainly focuses on business aspects of an organization and is fairly related with international business co-ordination.

International Hotel Management

The degree focuses on hotel management related subjects so that a student an also effectively function and manage international hotel chains.

International Education Management and Leadership:

The degree focuses on training teachers or professors to manage and learn about education systems abroad.

International Sports and Event Management:

The degree focuses on sports and event management aspects which requires understanding of roles and responsibilities while managing a sports event or any event.

Other Masters level degree in International Management

  • MSc International management for accounting and finance related subjects like Accounting and International management, etc.
  • MBA International management for business and management related subjects like International Business management, etc.
  • (MA) Masters in International Management
  • Master of Education in International Management (M.Ed.) for subjects like International management in Education policy and management, etc.
  • Master of Engineering in International Management (M.Eng.) for Engineering related subjects like International management in supply chain and logistics, etc.

Masters in International Management in United Kingdom

United Kingdom is an ideal destination to learn about management. Management courses in UK are popularly selected by students. International management in this country is offered by various universities with a program structure that focuses on providing a range of organization skills along with acquiring global economy environment knowledge.

Master in International Management in United States of America

USA is a great destination to learn management courses. The universities in this country provide various opportunities that facilitate students to understand the general functions of a managerial role. Students will have a favourable opportunity to learn about business ethics and global economy.

Masters in International Management in Australia

Students who are keen to learn about finance and business aspects of International management must choose Australia. As the courses in this country provide great guidance in financial aspects of international management.

Masters in International Management in Germany

Germany has various management courses that also focus on specialized subjects like tourism and hospitality. Students can acquire management abilities and practical knowledge by studying the course in this country.

Masters in International Management in Canada

Canada is popularly rising with quality universities that provide great education assistance to students. International management in this country can prepare students for managing and organizations business propositions with effective strategies.

Eligibility and basic requirements for Masters in International Management

Pursuing international management course not only will improve an individual’s general managerial skills but also financial and business managerial skills. The duration for Masters in International Management is 2 years.

Career Prospects after Masters in International Management 

  • Business Adviser
  • Business Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Sales manager
  • International Trader
  • Finance Controller

Choosing the international management course is beneficial for those looking to organize and manage international business affairs for a reputed organization or firms. Universities provide abundance knowledge and also prepare students for tasks and responsibilities in the field.

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