MSc in Telecommunications Management

What does a Marketing Management course teach?

Telecommunications is the exchange of messages in signs, symbols, oral or verbal form with the use of technology. The term telecommunications first came into scenario when the development of technology rapidly affected in transforming the former ideal way of sending messages which was commonly done through letters. With the invention and progression of technology, it has now become possible to send messages across instantly using various methods mainly with use of electrical signal or electromagnetic waves and satellite. The operations and functions of the terminology ‘telecommunications’ was only discovered in the late 20th century, which eventually resulted in upgrading operational systems at organizations with appliances like computer and further with the introduction of Internet resulted in maximum of technology which is now available on smart phones. With the introduction of Internet and wireless networks, the concept of telecommunications rose to an extent of learning and pursuing the subject as a full-time course in universities filled with career opportunities. Fast forward to 21st century, there are now sufficient courses around the world that prepare students to learn the process of telecommunications and guiding them to use it effectively.  Learn more about the Msc in Telecommunications Management course! 

Some of the aspects of telecommunications include learning the basic knowledge of computer science, network operations, digital technologies and protocols along with understanding the managerial and legal aspects of telecommunications. Masters in telecommunications is a specialized subject for those willing to work under the field of network engineering, wireless engineering, telecom policy and network security. The concept of telecommunications revolves around learning:

  • Business Plan development
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Technology and Trend Monitoring
  • Wireless technology and networks
  • Core Network and Internet Infrastructure
  • Telecom Environment and Operations

Telecommunications masters degree focuses on providing knowledge on the subjects mentioned above along with improvising management skills of an individual for helping them to function appropriately. MSc Telecommunications management is a degree that majorly focuses on enhancing the managerial skills along with abilities to function in the field of network, wireless and telecom.


Telecommunications degree programs is a newly introduced concept with rising amount of knowledge.

Countries popular for Msc Telecommunications Management

* Note: MS telecommunications distance learning program is also available for those who cannot attend the lectures on campus!

  • United States of America  
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany

Msc in Telecommunications Management in United States of America

There are over top 100 universities in USA for MS in telecommunications providing the degree with expertise in the network program. USA is an ideal and a popular destination that is chosen by many students around the world, individuals choosing this country are mainly looking to process their great quality of education along with supporting aspects like environment, opportunities and culture. USA is quite known for its technological upgrades, the country is an ideal spot for those looking to articulate a understanding of network, wireless and technology along with learning the ability of management. Masters in telecommunication in USA and MSc in electronics and telecommunication in USA are two popular programs; both the programs have a familiar understanding although with the difference of degree qualification the subjects taught in the semester might differ.

Msc in Telecommunications Management in Canada

Canada is popularly chosen by those looking to pursue their higher studies, students choose Canada for the safety, education, career opportunities and settlement reasons. Canada has universities that are teaching the program under the guidance of experts. Masters in telecommunications in a Canada University is beneficial for those looking to broaden their technical, network and new-age technology related understanding. 

Msc in Telecommunications Management in Australia

Masters in telecommunication in Australia is not provided by many universities. Some universities in the country are providing the knowledge related to the subject, we recommend choosing another country as the studies is limited although one can choose this country for job opportunities as Australia is also quite known for its telecommunications and technological upgrades.

Msc in Telecommunications Management in Germany

Germany is known for manufacturing automobiles with updated technology in them, top and luxurious automobiles are produced in the country, providing various job opportunities for students studying in the country. There are few colleges that are popularly known for Masters in Telecommunications management program providing ample knowledge to the students willing to broaden their understanding towards telecommunication management.

Eligibility for pursuing Masters in Telecommunication Management

  • Bachelor’s degree from a relevant university
  • English proficiency test – IELTSTOEFL exam. (score requirements may differ)
  • CV or Resume

*Note other requirements like documents depend on university criteria therefore, suggest enquiring with the universities before sending them the admission application.

The duration for MSc in Telecommunication is 1 year.

Masters of Science in Telecommunication program Career Prospects

  • Software analyst
  • Technical Director
  • Field Test Engineer
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Network Planning Engineer
  • Service Engineer
  • Customer Support Engineer
  • Electronics and Communications Consultant
  • Research and Development
  • Software Engineer

Above mentioned are some of the most commonly heard professions/designations opted post the Masters in telecommunications program.

Individuals choosing this course as a part of their higher studies have successfully attained and gained knowledge related to the network, telecommunications and electronics department. Therefore, if one is looking to understand and work in the new age that is technology and wireless networks this might be the ideal choice of program.

Top Countries to study MSc in Telecommunications Management:

Top Universities for MSc in Telecommunications Management

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