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We have all been tourists at some point of our lives. The fun times that we reminisce with a big smile on our faces thinking of how wonderful it is to explore new spaces and places. Tourism industry is a beaming sector especially in today’s time. The variety of options that are readily available for tourism makes the life of a tourist easier.

Tourism Management is a sector of the tourism industry which deals with aspects of travel and accommodations along with other secondary requirements. International tourism has correspondingly increased in the past few years of this decade. People around the world are now seemingly travelling around the world with fair and affordable packages that have been put up by the tourism industries around the world.


There are various examples of tourism companies that have successfully delivered affordable travel itineraries. Travel and tourism courses abroad are popularly growing among individuals with an interest in organization and planning sectors of the industry. Several students are approaching Masters in travel and tourism management in foreign countries. Masters in Tourism Management salary packages or income is well-paid.

An Overview of a Tourism Management Masters Course:

Masters in Tourism management studies in international countries study travel and tourism abroad aspects which are more revenue generating and is an advanced category of the industry that are beaming with opportunities. The profession of Tourism management demands skills like communication, analyzing, problem solving, planning and management. The scope of learning this program can be attained almost anywhere in the world because tourism is one of the highly promoted activity in the country which generates economy.

Masters program for Travel and Tourism Management is offered under the nomenclature i.e. Masters of Business Administration, Master of Arts, and Master of Science. MBA in Travel and Tourism Management abroad, MS in Tourism Management, MA in Tourism Management equips students with day to day required skills to manage the tourism sector along with that learn the financial sectors of the industry along with that organization skills, communication skills, an in-depth learning about the functioning of international tourism.

Program Structure of Masters in Tourism Management:

    • Management Functions and Behavior of Tourism

    • International Sustainable Tourism

    • Tourism Functions and Policies

    • Tourism Planning

    • Tourism Finance

    • Hospitality Management

    Countries that are best known for post graduation in Travel and Tourism Management are France, Italy, Australia, Germany, and USA. The European continent is most prominently known for tourism and travel courses learning hospitality management from abroad will be an added benefit to the experience sheet. Australia is highly tourist attracted destination the possibilities of getting a hands-on experience from working or interning the country. The subject of Tourism itself carries the attributes of multi-facets that can take one to various parts of country.

Entry requirements for Masters in Travel and Tourism Management:

  • Bachelors in Tourism and Management / Bachelors degree from a relevant university

  • English Proficiency Test: IELTS or TOEFL or PTE

  • CV/Resume with at least 1 year of experience in the field

Career Scope & Job Prospects in Marketing Management

Almost all organizations need to emphasize on marketing to achieve a strong foothold among competitors. So after successfully completing your MBA, you can expect job roles in areas like

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Brand Management
  3. Asset Management
  4. Corporate Sales
  5. Market Research
  6. Sales Management
  7. Media Planning
  8. Product Management
  9. Digital Marketing
  10. Promotional Campaigns

Major sectors requiring your service will be marketing companies, advertising agencies, FMCG companies, financial sector, IT companies and such. Some of the prime recruiters are Sony, Exim, Ranbaxy, Spencer’s Retail, KPMG, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant Technology and many others.

Masters in Travel and Tourism Management Course Fees:

Education abroad can seem expensive, however pursuing a degree like Masters in Computer Engineering abroad is totally worth it. You can apply for scholarship and even take help of student loans to experience higher education abroad. Here’s an overview on the range for Masters in Computer Engineering tuition fees in the United Kingdom, The United States of America and Canada –

CountryTuition Fee (Range)
United KingdomUSD 15,000 – USD 30,000
USAUSD 22,00 – USD 45,000
Canada USD 18,084 – USD 29,000

Masters in International Tourism Management Offered Worldwide:

A Masters in International Tourism Management is offered in a number of leading universities across the globe. Here are some of the leading countries where you can pursue this course:  


As mentioned, European countries is an excellent choice to pursue tourism and travel related programs. France has institutes with this course that provide individuals with high quality knowledge. It is a perfect destination to learn functionalities of management and leisure travelling.

It is advised that students first learn French beforehand as travel industry requires communication. Being well-versed with the country’s language is one of the primary skills required in international tourism. MBA and MSc in Tourism management are the two common types of postgraduate degrees available in France.

The tuition fee for studying this course in the country might be above the affordability rate for many. However with the amount of exposure that can lead to better paying jobs in the tourism, leisure and hospitality industry France should definitely be considered. Individuals can work part-time or intern at tourism management industries to get a better understanding of the functions in tourism management in France.


Italy is best preferable for leisure, hospitality courses. However with a diverse nature that offers studies in travel and tourism management gets one ready to take over the tourism industry with various competencies and ample practical knowledge experience from country-based organizations. This is the ideal destination for pursuing MBA in tourism and hospitality management abroad.

The tuition fees for the course in Italy is cheaper compared to other best tourism management offering countries. Most of the countries in the world depend on tourism economy. With its alluring history and extensive tourism population, Italy is indeed a substantial destination to study travel and tourism.

Living expenses in Italy are a little steep.  Nevertheless one can choose to work part-time whilst studying for the program. Job opportunities after graduating in tourism and travel management are in abundance giving a chance to explore more sides of the tourism management. International Tourism Management University in the country are considered second best for higher education in this field.


The country is a great location to bask into delicacies, relish the ocean and trekking along with revel into the diverse cultures. Australia is one of the primary locations that are highly considered by the tourists and travelers around the world. Individuals have several career options after graduation in MBA in travel and tourism in Australia.

Students can also pursue Masters in Tourism Management courses online from some of its reputed universities. Tuition fees in Australian universities in expensive however the extensive experience that one can gain from studying this program is also likely high that can lead to well paying jobs in the field. Part-time working facility of 20 hours per week is permitted for international students.


Management programs in Germany are extremely reliable. Though, the country has a competitive environment because of its no tuition fee scheme liable in some of its public universities. Masters in Tourism and Management courses in this country are offered under the designations of MBA and MA. This is the ideal destination to pursue MBA in travel and tourism abroad.

Germany is one of the prime destinations for higher education in Europe. It has some of the best tourism management universities in the world located in its country. Because of the competitive market environment students often find it difficult to get recruiters initially however with international tourism management degree students can migrate to other parts of Europe.

United States of America

It comes as no surprise that USA is among the list of countries to pursue tourism management. The country offers specific tourism management courses that provide them ample knowledge to guide, plan and work in the travel industry. United States of America is one of the most frequently chosen destinations for tourism.

Masters in tourism and hospitality management in USA are offered as MSc, MA and MBA in travel management and hospitality. The courses are offered on full-time, part-time basis along with that individuals can enroll for online education.

Tuition fee in USA is unfortunately is expensive though with education loan facilities students can apply for universities in the USA. Masters in tourism management in Canada and the USA have a similar program structure.

Career Opportunities in Tourism Management:

  • Holiday Representative

  • Entrepreneur

  • Tourism Officer

  • Travel Agency Manager

  • Instructor

  • Financial Planner

  • Accommodator

What is International Tourism Management?

International Tourism Management is about management of tours and travels along with accommodations and other secondary facilities. The course prepares students with development and maintenance tasks of the field. Master of International Tourism and Hospitality management is the popularly combined course offered at International Tourism Management University around the world.

Studying this program in a foreign country will widely expand an individual’s insight towards the functions of international tourism. There are various more added skills and requirements for international tourism, it requires one to be wholly equipped with information and knowledge about the international or foreign tourism setting.

International Tourism Management career opportunities are wide and have many circumstances of development and growth in the field. The scope of this field will therefore keep expanding with the times that are yet to be witnessed.

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