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Masters of Science in Engineering Management



The subject of engineering is probably the most commonly chosen among students after their 12th studies. Using various scientific, mathematical, architectural, along with innovation and design methods, the field of Engineering proves instrumental in this progressive word. Engineering studies aids in creating and building new technological devices while bolstering innovation throughout different sectors. Masters in Engineering Management is the perfect program to learn all about managerial operations in this field. Each sector of this discipline requires different management approaches, therefore studying this educational course abroad is bound to guide and prepare you for an enriching career in this field.

masters in engineering management

Engineering is a vast subject with various job opportunities in many leading firms and organizations, leading to a high learning potential in the field of engineering. The curriculum of engineering is chosen by many students , therefore, the continuous issue of lack of positions in the firm or organizations is experienced. Therefore, many students choose to pursue a Masters in Engineering Management or a Masters of Science in Engineering.


A Master’s degree in Engineering Management provides students an ability to understand the role and managerial functions in any field of engineering. Engineering management masters programs focus on teaching the common principles of engineering that guides students on how to use these techniques learned in real-world business scenarios along with providing them an insight of managing long term and short term projects in the categories that focus on supply chain management, operations, ensuring quality management and sustainability. The above-mentioned information is the primary function of MS in engineering management; there are more specializations in this field that varies according to the role an individual is looking to work in.

 Other commonly known Masters in engineering and management programs are MSc in Engineering Business Management, MSc engineering project management, MSc Supply Chain Management and a Masters of Engineering Management. Students who are willing to study Masters in engineering management online can pursue this course through online distance learning programs or simply online education programs from top-ranked universities around the world. Master of Science in Engineering Management online programs are also offered at many universities.

 The duration of Masters in Engineering management course is 1 year (full time, on campus), one can also opt for the 2 plus years of master’s educational program that can be completed with a on-campus distance learning facility.

Masters in Engineering Management syllabus:

  • Global supply chain management

  • Project management

  • Quality management

  • Risk management and innovation

  • Manufacturing systems design and economics

*Note – The pedagogy mentioned above is commonly taught at universities and is primary subjects especially aimed at Masters’s engineering management program. Additional subjects or Optional subjects are also offered at the universities.

With the master’s degree in engineering management, students learn about the many factors that help in understanding and controlling some of the highly functioning categories of the engineering field. Engineering is a broad field with requirements for managerial duties or activities that help in the performance of the organization leading to better experiences for humankind in many aspects of living.

Since the program is widely known and pursued, many countries and universities offer the course. Masters in engineering management program rankings are quite impressive with an outcome that has resulted in better performance in the field of engineering management. Studying abroad has benefited lots of students improving their overall personality along with enhancing their experiences with  exposure from foreign countries. 


Masters in Engineering Management entry requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree either in engineering or management

  • English proficiency test – TOEFLIELTS, and PTE are commonly accepted tests.

  • TOEFL IBT – 90 overall score (minimum 21 in every test)

  • IELTS – 6.5 overall score (minimum 6.0 in every test)

  • PTE – 62 overall (minimum 59 is accepted)

  • Resume or CV

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Statement of Purpose


Masters in Engineering Management Course Fees

Education abroad can seem expensive, however pursuing a degree like Masters in Engineering Management abroad is totally worth it. You can apply for scholarship and even take help of student loans to experience higher education abroad. Here’s an overview on the range for Masters in Engineering Management course fees in the The United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Germany. 
CountryTuition Fee (Range)
United KingdomUSD 13,000 – USD 30,000
USAUSD 10,000 – USD 55,000
Canada USD 8000 – USD 26,000

USD 10,000 – USD 20,000

AustraliaUSD 24,000-USD 40,000



Best countries to pursue a Masters in Engineering Management:


Australia is a popularly picked destination among students willing to pursue higher education. The country has globally recognized universities situated in and around Australia, with many career opportunities and exposure towards many claimed fields of studies and with an opportunity to grow and settle along with various components like diversity in terms of education and people and technology, students tend to learn at a fair price of living.

Masters of engineering management in Australian universities will give students an insight into real-world engineering and management along with the choice of opting from Masters in engineering management rankings universities located in this country. Individuals looking to opt for a specialized engineering program like Project management can choose Masters of engineering management in Melbourne. Masters of engineering management Swinburne University is another great choice of destination for those looking to learn about engineering managerial techniques.


Canada is a great study abroad destination, as universities in this country well known with advanced quality of education from globally recognized institutions/university along with the opportunity to live in a multicultural environment that has English and French as its official languages.

Masters in engineering management in Canada universities will give students an approach towards engineering management practices along with experiencing real world business practices. MSc engineering management in Canada is another course that primarily focuses on similar subjects as masters in engineering management although , with advanced studies in Science and technology students can get more options or additional subjects to learn under Masters of Science

The United States of America

Undoubtedly, the USA is a wonderful destination for higher studies. With many opportunities career and financial growth-wise along with other components like cultural diversity, exploring the country and vast knowledge in academics are some of the reasons one should study in this country.

Masters in engineering management in the USA are offered among many universities covering aspects of engineering management techniques, also providing other masters or MSc engineering courses with advanced information and practices.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a great location or destination for pursuing higher education, with the amount and knowledge in terms of all specialized fields like literature, business or engineering , for instance, the UK has many universities with varying knowledge. MSc engineering project management in the UK is one of the most popular degrees by students.

Masters in engineering management programs are offered at many colleges in this country. Students not only incur knowledge but also have ample opportunities to work in this field. 


Germany is an excellent destination for studying Engineering and management. The country offers many facilities that benefit student’s well-being, affordable cost of living, public universities that offer no tuition fee scheme. 

Germany is a technologically inclined country with many engineering subject opportunities; the country produces top-ranked automobile products which gives students the opportunity of learning on-site, improving the practical knowledge of students.

Masters in engineering management in UAE and Masters in engineering management in New Zealand are other popular countries for pursuing this degree. 

Top universities to pursue a Masters in Engineering Management:

  • Cornell University, United States of America

  • University of New Castle, Australia

  • McGill University, Canada

  • Technical University of Munich, Germany

  • University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

  • The British University in Dubai, UAE

  • University of Canterbury, New Zealand


Masters in Engineering Management career prospects:

  • Technical and project manager

  • Quality control manager

  • Operation and supply chain manager

  • Engineering project manager

  • IT manager

  • Plant manager

  • Production manager

  • Structural manager

  • Client service analyst

  • Chemical process manager

  • Cost systems analyst

  • Senior lead analyst

  • Material logistics professional

  • Automation engineer

  • Technology license specialist

Graduation in engineering management is beneficial for those looking to broaden their overall managerial skills in the field of engineering along with learning the primary and secondary functions of this area of study. You can learn a variety of techniques and globally acclaimed knowledge by pursuing this course abroad.

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