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Master in Business Administration (MBA)

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Course Fees
Best Countries
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 With the evolution of humans and the progress in the field of knowledge, technology and science, we have learned to deal with the economy and currency that varies from country to country. Currency and managerial skills have become an important aspect of the management of our world economy. Among all the study abroad programs; the often searched and pursued is, Masters in Business administration which has a curriculum that teaches management, consultancy, entrepreneurship skills , and communication skills.


Why study MBA abroad?

Masters of Business Administration is a world-wide acclaimed course training students to deal with business management, development, financial analyzing, management and consultancy among others specializations in management. The course is originated from the United States in the early 20th century providing knowledge to the students regarding managerial skills among many other skills. Since ages, India has produced great business-men and has been up-front in the field of management. Therefore, MBA abroad for Indian students has been a suitable choice providing a good understanding from foreign universities that have programs assessing skills and training students for Business administration. MBA courses abroad provide them sufficient knowledge to develop their skills in terms of management and entrepreneurship helping them deal and grow their business back in the country or providing them great career opportunities globally.

Scope of Studying MBA Abroad

MBA is a course that is well-known and is pursued by many; MBA courses abroad help nurture one’s knowledge, teaching one to deal with business analysis, management of departments, customer relations, customer management, etc. With the progression of the studies in the field of Master of Business Administration, it has only become more relevant to study MBA abroad where they can understand and grasp as much knowledge provided internationally for growing the global economic market. Studying MBA abroad might be one of the ideal courses that should be studied in a country other than your own, as  knowledge is abundant and might help improve the growth of the economy.

MBA Abroad Course Fees

Education abroad can seem expensive, however pursuing a degree like MBA abroad is totally worth it. You can apply for scholarships and even take help of student loans to experience higher education abroad. Here’s an overview on the range for MBA course fees in the in some popular study abroad destinations. 

Cost of study 
CountryTuition Fee (Range)
United KingdomUSD 48,000 – USD 82,000
USAUSD 60,000 – USD 100,000
Canada USD 23,500 – USD 40,000

MBA colleges abroad have various subjects that cover topics:

  • Customer Relations

  • Business Research

  • Customer Behaviour

  • Accounting and Financial Management

  • Business management/Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship Project

  • Strategic Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Contemporary management

  • Business Economics

  • Human Resource Management

  • Operational management

  • Managerial Economics

  • Business law/Business ethics

  • Applied statistics

*The subjects mentioned above may vary from university to university.

The topics mentioned are taught and practiced in the MBA colleges abroad covering the core information related to business administration. 

Best countries for MBA

The countries that are popular and quite often chosen for pursuing MBA: Masters of Business administration studies are:

  • United States of America (USA)

  • United Kingdom (UK)

  • France

  • Germany

  • Switzerland

  • South Africa

  • Malaysia

  • Singapore

  • New Zealand

  • Australia

  • Canada

The entrance exams for MBA are GMAT or GRE or TOEFL (preferable) or IELTS.

Generally, an MBA program course is 1 year or 2 years.


As mentioned, MBA was originated from this country, providing knowledge related to business administration it has some of the best-knownolleges in the world for the course. The USA is most often chosen by Indian students for its quality of education, destinations, with ease of living, career opportunities, and the culture. The top MBA colleges  abroad (USA) are 

  1. Harvard Business School

  2. Stanford Graduate School of Business

  3. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 

  4. MIT Sloan School of Management

  5. The University of Chicago Booth School of business

Eligibility and requirements:

  • Under-graduate program from a relevant university.

  • Minimum two or three years of experience (depending on the choice of specialization)

  • Resume (Check out tips for writing an excellent CV)

  • Letter of recommendation

  • GMAT test score (*may vary from university to university)             

  • TOEFL test score

**For students looking to pursue an MBA abroad without GMAT, you can check out these universities from USA:

  1. Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University.

  2. Executive MBA at the Lubin School of Business, Pace University.

  3. MBA at Lerner business and economics, University of Delaware.

  4. One – Year MBA program / Two years MBA program at Kellogg Northwestern University

  5. Executive MBA program at the University of Southern California

There are many more universities in the USA that have scholarships for MBA abroad although most of them require a GMAT score.

MBA in United Kingdom

Europe has many destinations that have MBA as one of the most pursued programs in the continent. The country United Kingdom has many universities spread in different parts providing a great atmosphere, along with high-quality business knowledge resulting in the best outcome in the administration and management. Some of the top colleges for MBA abroad (UK)are as follows:

  1. London Business School

  2. Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

  3. Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick

  4. Saïd Business School, Oxford University (GMAT not required)

  5. MBA or Executive MBA, Cranfield University

Eligibility and requirements:

  • Undergraduate program from a relevant university

  • Minimum two or three years of experience (depending on the choice of specialization)

  • Resume

  • Letter of recommendation

  • GMAT test score (*may vary from university to university)             

  • TOEFL test score                   

MBA in Germany

Germany is a country that has many benefits for the students looking to pursue management as their full-time career. It is after all known for its high production and development in the automobile industry, this country has some of the top management universities providing affordable accommodations for students along with no tuition fees scheme in some of its universities. The country has many plus points such as scholarship opportunities that attract students worldwide. Almost every university in Germany has MBA programs divided as Full time and Part-time one can choose the preferred accordingly. It qualifies under the cheapest MBA abroad with great quality of education.The recommended colleges in Germany for Masters of Business Administration:

  1. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

  2. Manheim Business School

  3. WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management

Eligibility and requirements:

  • Undergraduate program from a relevant university

  • Minimum two or three years of experience (depending on the choice of specialization)

  • Resume (*tips for writing an excellent CV)

  • Letter of recommendation

  • GMAT test score                                                                         

  • TOEFL or PTE test score             

MBA in Singapore

Singapore is a clean and safe country with great economic/currency balance. The country is well-affirmed with English, providing a great atmosphere and environment for practicing business management. It is globally known and many foreign universities have invested in the universities of this country because of its maintained education system and surrounding. The universities for MBA in Singapore:

  1. Concordia University of Chicago, Singapore. (The program is affiliated from London School of Business and Finance LSFB Singapore)

  2. Singapore Management University.

  3. Nanyang Institute of Management.

  4. ERC Institute. (Acknowledged by University of WolverHampton)

Eligibility and requirements:

  • Undergraduate program from a relevant university

  • Minimum two or three years of experience (depending on the choice of specialization)

  • Resume (*tips for writing an excellent CV)

  • Letter of recommendation         

  • TOEFL or PTE or NIM test score

Although the GMAT is not a requirement in every university, we recommend you to appear the test scoring good grades might get you in universities that has better education system leading to better career opportunities for you.

The cost of MBA abroad is higher than that of India, although study abroad programs provide better knowledge that can help in the growth and understanding of the subject and topics related to MBA. MBA fees abroad may vary from country to country; if one has managed to score extraordinarily good marks he/she can apply for scholarships; if not, one can always apply for student loans as MBA is a frequently chosen program many banks provide student loans.

Career opportunities post MBA: Masters of Business Administration

    • Project Management

    • Analytics

    • Sales and Business development

    • Celebrity management

    • Account management

    • Brand management

    • Product management

    • Product Marketing

    • Market Research

    • Corporate Finance

    • Investment Banking

    • Human Resource Manager

    • Entrepreneur

    • Venture Capital

    • Operations Management

    • Operations Consulting

    • Human Resources consulting

    • Online Media

Studying abroad has become easier and more profitable in terms of career growth as the recognition from foreign universities is anticipated and is appreciated by many companies and firms as the experience obtained from the universities is valued more.

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