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Msc in Finance and Investment Abroad


Revenue and other capital investments are subjected to the matter of financial services and investment. Financial services have many aspects that include investments, trading, shares, capital markets, etc. as a part of their investments. Investment is a sub-category of finance, considering only when finance is generated it can be invested; finance is a broad concept with many factors that incur revenue depending on the conditions or consequences, whereas investment merely depends on investing money into a revenue generating share. Although one must understand financial investment is all together a different category that only specializes on learning investment strategies that are useful in terms of growth in invested finance. Finance and investment are two terms in significance of accounting, guiding students about the aspects of finance and investment. Masters in Finance and Investment program focuses on studying about capital investments, derivative markets, equity markets and fixed interest markets, with MA in Finance and investment one can learn about advanced practices and developments in this field related to accounting and banking.

Masters in Finance and Investment

There are many courses and program offered which individually focus on finance and investment. Finance is a vast subject with various categories functioning with different set of guidelines. The courses offered in MA in Finance and investment in India might help one to develop and get educated about the Indian financial markets and investments, therefore pursuing Masters of Arts in Finance and Investment abroad is a wiser choice, considering one can not only develop their knowledge and acquire skills of understanding the international economy but also experience many other aspects of finances and investments including taxes, stock, etc.  As we know, the progression and development in 21st century has been rapid and thus has brought many dynamic changes in the economy resulting to more studies in order to manage and control the financial funds and investments.

MA in Finance and investment is an exclusive course that is available only in selected universities; similar courses like MSc in Finance and Investments are widely available in some of the top ranked universities around the world.

With the graduation study in Masters in Finance and Investment abroad students will learn about foreign currency in practical format getting an insight of the subject will help them grow in their career.  Countries that offer graduate degree in Finance and Investment are as follows.

Best Countries for Masters in Finance and Investment

United States of America

USA is well known for Finance and investment related programs, some the universities in this country are top ranked universities in the world. Although one might find it hard to find a Finance and investment degree combined at the universities, similar programs like Masters in investment banking USA is offered specializing in that particular field. There are various benefits of studying in this country like the experience of cultural diversity, education, culture, food, exploring new places, etc.


Canada is popular among students pursuing higher education abroad, as the education quality provided in this country is well received. Masters in Finance Canada rankings and Masters in investment banking Canada are acclaimed, with many universities focusing on Finance related programs one can learn about risk management factors, communication, financial planning proceeding with career opportunities in the field of finance and investment.


Germany is eventually getting popular among students willing to study abroad, with many public universities offering programs with no tuition fees, students find it affordable to pursue their higher studies here. Germany is automobiles manufacturing hub giving students the opportunity to learn and experience financial and investment management on bigger scale.

Syllabus and program structure for Finance and investment

  • Business and Financial analysis
  • Quantitative Finance and Financial markets
  • Corporate Finance
  • Risk management

The duration for the course of Masters in Finance and Investment is 18 months. 

Eligibility for Masters in Finance and Investment

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • English proficiency – IELTS (Overall 6.5, with minimum 6.0 in each subject); TOEFL (Overall 87 in IBT); PTE (62 overall score)
  • CV/Resume

With the knowledge and guidance attained with graduate program one develops the skills in communication, analytical skills, risk management, accountancy, audit and tax consultancy.

Career prospects after Masters in Finance and Investment

  • Investment analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Investment manager
  • Investment management companies
  • Stockbrokers
  • Wealth management and Investment banks

The course/program is appropriate for those willing to learn more about investment and finance sectors looking for better career opportunities and responsibilities in the field.

Top Countries to study Masters in Finance and Investment

USA, Canada and Germany

Top Universities for Masters in Finance and Investment

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