Masters in Artificial Intelligence

The scope of Artificial Intelligence was only being witnessed through fictional movies and comics. In today’s time, with skillful experts working on this specific computer science discipline, have managed to build devices that are capable of functioning almost like a human. The functions and capabilities of AI are immeasurable, it is believed by several scientists that the subject is in fact a very crucial part of tomorrow because of its wide range of potentiality. AI machines/devices are designed with an aim to produce a human like figure that is capable of responding and thinking. Studying Masters in Artificial Intelligence might be a right choice for you if this subject fascinates your thinking, you might be a great fit to the industry if you can actively participate in improving AI modules by working with large scale organizations.  


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is derived from the category of computer science. The elements and functions of this subject are entirely based on computing systems. They are also known to be machine intelligence as their capacity of functioning is almost same as a human. Because of Artificial Intelligence it has now become possible to explore various dynamics of technology. The goal of AI is to function intelligently and independently.The rapid development in AI sector is been witnessed in the past decade. It is believed that AI is one of the key elements for the fleet development in technology and digital age. Unlike computer functions, AI is believed to do much more they are designed to perform tasks that are now only capable under the human intelligence supervision.There are several examples of AI in today’s world and there are a lot of expectations from its highly skilful capabilities. Alexa, Siri, Tesla cars, Drones, etc are some of the examples of Artificial Intelligence. The industry of AI is growing year by year introducing new categories and design that interconnect the functions of Artificial Intelligence. Making effective use of AI can lead to unimaginable technological developments which is the aim of AI experts.Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence studies advanced theories of computing systems along with algorithms, principles and disciplines of computer science. Artificial Intelligence degree is opted by one’s with a keen interest to perform tasks and applications of artificial intelligence in this machine intelligence field. Masters of Science in Artificial Intelligence is the ideal master’s level program for this field. MSc in Artificial Intelligence are offered at several top ranked universities in the world. One can also opt to study AI specialized degrees abroad which are highly acclaimed around the globe. Pursuing masters in Artificial Intelligence abroad is excellent choice as scope and extent of study courses are superior knowledge oriented and vast. Along with that, there will be various instances that will prompt working under expertise of Artificial Intelligence professionals. Many Indian students enroll for this program as the diversity of experiences and learning is extensive.

MS in Artificial Intelligence Syllabus:

  • Artificial Intelligence Programming
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence
  • AI systems
  • AI Design
  • Cloud Computing
  • Network Analysis

Entry requirements for Masters in Artificial Intelligence

Masters in Artificial Intelligence Course Fees

Education abroad can seem expensive, however pursuing a degree like Masters in artificial intelligence abroad is totally worth it. You can apply for scholarship and even take help of student loans to experience higher education abroad. Here’s an overview on the range for Masters in Law tuition fees in the United Kingdom, The United States of America and Canada –

Cost of study
CountryTuition Fee (Range)
United KingdomUSD 17,240 – USD 29,880
USAUSD 24,470 – USD 48,000
Canada USD 19,340 – USD 33,604

Where to study Artificial Intelligence?

As mentioned, Artificial Intelligence courses are taught vastly. Artificial Intelligence salary packages are also quite impressive. The countries best known for pursuing this degree include United States of America, Australia, Germany, Ireland and Canada.Just like evolution of humans Masters in AI program structure studies the phases of the field preparing individuals with the capability of Intuitive understanding of machines. The duration of Masters of Science in Artificial Intelligence ranges from 1 to 5 years. Part-time and full-time programs are offered in the universities around the world. Individuals can choose to work on part-time basis with their visa permit which allows 20 hours a week during semesters.

Best countries to pursue Masters in Artificial Intelligence:

United States of America

USA is filled with best universities that are widely known for Masters in AI programs. Machine learning and Machine Intelligence is one of the expert programs in USA. United States of America has been significantly working towards theories and principles of Neuro Networks and Robotics that are deeply rooted with AI. The scope in terms of learning and experiences is in abundance, one can easily make a pleasant living by graduating with MSc in AI in USA.United States of America offers this program with expensive tuition costs, the lifestyle expenses in the country is also not affordable to all. Endowments opportunities are provided by few universities in USA however with a highly competitive subject such as AI it is considerably difficult. Generic scholarships are available for MS courses in USA that one can always apply for. One can apply for education loans as many organizations and bank provide financial assistance specifically for this program.GRE entrance exam is required to enrol in the universities of USA for pursuing Masters in Artificial Intelligence. English proficiency test IELTS (6.5) or TOEFL (89) scores are also a mandatory primary requirement.


The country is known for its technology courses all around the world. The statistical and deep learning in AI is quite reliable in Australia. Masters in Artificial Intelligence Australia universities offer great extent of knowledge by which students can thoroughly understand the functioning of this field. Information Technology is the dominating specialized subject of AI in the country.The tuition fee in this country is cheaper than USA. Living expenses in Australia is comparatively affordable however, if one has financial assistance complications they can always apply for education loans. Student loans are bound to cover most of the basic expenses for international candidates. Scholarships are offered in the universities of Australia although one must be quick and completely thorough with the process of endowment.Entrance exam GRE scores are required for admissions in the universities of Australia. Along with that one must submit their English proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL or PTE scores in addition with other secondary documents.


Germany is world-wide known for its engineering programs. Masters in Artificial Intelligence Germany universities provide students an excellent environment that promotes learning the subject better. The technical university of the country are ranked among top universities of computer science in the world. Germany also is a leading manufacturer in artificial intelligence devices like automobiles that are one of target contraptions for AI.The tuition fee in German universities is the cheapest of all as the many public sector universities offer education with ‘no tuition fee’ scheme. The free education system has resulted into competition in terms of admission and job opportunities in the field. Individuals must be highly capable of proving the significance of getting accepted in the country. Living expenses are also affordable, part-time job opportunities are also available in the country.GRE scores are mandatory requirement in the universities of Germany. TOEFL and IELTS scores are accepted for English proficiency.


Ireland is well known for its technical sectors that are making progress day by day. The technical universities in Ireland are preferred by many international students as the quality of education is great and with many networking companies have set their headquarters in the country providing job facilities in the field.Tuition fee for Masters in Artificial Intelligence in Ireland can be expensive however with the facility of student loans individuals can enrol in the universities of Ireland. Accommodation facility in Ireland is widely available at affordable costs, the living experience is pleasant. GRE scores and English proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL scores are requirements for the program.


Indian students highly prefer Canada for education as the facilities and education quality is student friendly. Masters in Artificial Intelligence Canada programs are highly acclaimed and are also taught at considerably less cost than USA. Canada is a wonderful destination with ample job opportunities in the field.Universities in Canada for Artificial Intelligence cover key and additional topics belonging to the AI industry. Computer Science degrees in Canada are considered among the best universities for higher education abroad. GRE scores and IELTS or TOEFL scores are requirements for enrolling in the MSc Artificial Intelligence program in Canada.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is one of the highly considered education destinations. The country is filled with best universities that cover several topics in the field of study. MSc Robotics and MSc Artificial Intelligence programs are commonly approached by international students.Tuition fee for Masters in Artificial Intelligence in UK is comparatively cheaper than USA. Scholarships are also provided by the universities, one can also apply for generic scholarships that are specifically given for MS programs. GRE test score might be a requirement in the institutes. It is recommended that students enquire with university before appearing for GRE examination. English proficiency test IELTS or PTE scores are a mandatory requirement for international students.

Top universities for Masters in Artificial Intelligence:

  • Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • University of Queensland, Australia
  • Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • University of Cambridge, UK
  • Technical University of Munich, Germany

Career prospects after Masters in Artificial Intelligence:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Network Analytics
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Robotics

Artificial Intelligence jobs are one of most anticipated careers in the world. Top and leading networking firms in the world hire Masters in Artificial Intelligence graduates with promissory packages that are highly impressive. It is an experiential and fascinating field of study approached by individuals with a keen enthusiasm in the field. The world is also excitingly looking forward to AI based devices that are being created and worked on every day under expertise of individuals who have graduated with a degree in AI.

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