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Masters in Design Engineering Abroad

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Eligibility Criteria
Course Fees
Course Fees
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Engineering is a vast field with many branches of specializations. Design Engineering is one of the many special branches of this discipline. Design Engineering focuses on designing, evaluation and prototype aspects of innovation and modification. This discipline is especially well known in Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Nuclear, Textiles, Aerospace, Structural and manufacturing systems branches of engineering. Masters in Design Engineering is a popular degree among individuals willing to learn mathematical and scientific techniques that are involved in products and systems adaptation. 

Master’s degree in Design Engineering is a post-graduate program offered at many universities abroad. The course structure varies according to the specialization or specific field an individual has chosen to learn. Design Engineering programs are widely popular for their scientific and mathematics based methods that are taught during the pedagogy of this course.
With their research, prototype and modifications that help in achieving customer’s demand. The professionals in this field usually work in a team performing tasks that are directed towards understanding and designing products and systems generating productivity for the organization.


Masters in Design Engineering course details:

  • Duration of design engineering programs is generally 2 years. Some universities offer this course in 1 year duration
  • Masters in Science and Masters in Engineering are popular choices for post-graduation in Design Engineering
  • Specializations in Design Engineering include Advanced Design Engineering, Civil Engineering, Systems Engineering, Product Engineering Design, Innovation Design Engineering, etc.
  • On-campus full time based program is highly preferred for this course. Nevertheless, part-time based courses are offered for this program

Masters in Design Engineering syllabus:

  • Advanced Mechanics of Material
  • Quality Concepts in Design
  • Structural Integrity
  • Acoustics and Advanced Vibrations
  • Mechanical Engineering Group Design
  • Surface Engineering

Masters in Design Engineering entry requirements:

Masters in Design Engineering Course Fees

Education abroad can seem expensive, however pursuing a degree like Masters in design engineering abroad is totally worth it. You can apply for scholarship and even take help of student loans to experience higher education abroad. Here’s an overview on the range for Masters in design engineering tuition fees in the United Kingdom, The United States of America and Canada –

Cost of study 
CountryTuition Fee (Range)
United KingdomUSD 35,000- USD 58,880
USAUSD 24,000 – USD 44,000
Canada USD 18,580 – USD 32,414

Best countries to pursue Design Engineering post-graduation courses are:

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is known as education hub of the world. Design Engineering is offered at many universities in this country. Masters in Design Engineering in UK will guide individuals with aspects of this discipline that are especially best offered in universities of this country. United Kingdom is also a wonderful destination for education and professional exposure. Therefore choosing this country will prepare individuals with right knowledge needed for a career in Design Engineering.

Entry requirements for post-graduation in this course include English Proficiency Test IELTS or TOEFL, Bachelor’s in engineering from a relevant college, Letter of Recommendation, CV/Resume, etc. are mandatory. To acquire more information such as course details and eligibility criteria visit the precise university website.

Scholarships are offered for this course in UK. Also, student loans are offered by banks and institutions for pursuing this program.

United States of America

United States of America is one of prime known locations for pursuing engineering related programs. Masters in Design Engineering are offered at many top universities in USA. The course structure provided with expertise knowledge will definitely prepare individuals for a career in this field. The globally driven perspective is also a great way to expand ones understanding in this discipline.

To enrol for Masters in Design Engineering in USA requirements such as English Proficiency Test IELTS or TOEFL scores, Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from a relevant university, etc. For more information regarding design engineering courses in USA  universities, or entry requirements or syllabus, visit precise university website.

As education in USA is expensive, aspiring students can apply for education loans that cover most expenses for studying abroad. Also, scholarships are offered for this course – international students can also apply for endowment opportunity.


Canada has gradually gained its position as one of the best destinations for higher education. Other than management, this country is also great for engineering programs. Masters in Design Engineering in Canada offers a curriculum that focuses to guide individuals with information that is globally acclaimed. Pursuing design engineering courses in Canada is also a wonderful approach to experiencing international living to its best.

Entry requirements for this course include English proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL scores, CV/Resume, Under-Graduate degree in Engineering, Letter of Recommendation, etc. To acquire detailed information regarding eligibility criteria for studying this course in Canada communicate with specific university.

Studying in Canada is expensive but cheaper in comparison to USA. You can apply for student loans to study this course in Canada. Also, scholarships are offered for this course in this country.


Germany is one of the most preferred destinations for higher education. Students choose this country because of its advanced setup and education inclined pedagogy. Masters in Design Engineering in Germany will equip students with quality information regarding this course. Studying design engineering courses course in Germany is also cheaper considering education abroad expenses.

Entry requirements for this course include Letter of Recommendation, CV/Resume, Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, etc. For more information related to eligibility criteria communicate with the precise university.

Germany offers free of cost education at some of its public universities. Accommodation expenses are also cheapest in this country considering study abroad aspects of other countries. Student loans and scholarships are available for pursuing this course in Germany.

Best universities for Design Engineering:

  • University of Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  • Arizona State University, United States of America
  • University of Minnesota, United States of America
  • University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Carleton University, Canada
  • Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • RWTH Aachen, Germany

Design Engineering Career Prospects:

  • Materials Specialist
  • Commissioning Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Maintenance Engineer

After completing Masters in Design Engineering individuals can explore careers in this field. This field is one of the significant branches in this discipline. Studying this course will equip you with global level knowledge that is especially great to expand your understanding in regards to this field. You can also pursue further education of this program by opting Doctoral degree. PhD in Design Engineering focuses to provide individuals with research and case study information that is appropriate to choose if one aims to acquire managerial or professor level designations.

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