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Masters in Environmental Engineering Abroad


Industrial industries around our world are growing rapidly they have been provoking environmental issues that are majorly affecting both on personal and universal safety levels. Protecting environment is extremely mandatory at this point of time thus many are actively working on creating surrounding-friendly techniques that are not only working towards protecting our environment but also improve conditions that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Masters in Environmental Engineering is a course that studies and will guide students with its pedagogy that aims to prepare candidates for a successful career in this field.



What is Environmental Engineering?

Environmental Engineering is a field of study and profession that plays a significant role in structuring surroundings that provoke better living for people around the world. The scientific and engineering approach helps in designing sustainable ambiances that makes best of waste, recycling methods, environment able aspects like promoting plantation of trees and also finding solutions to decrease pollution.

Masters in Environmental Engineering is a post graduate course that studies various methods of creating sustainable surrounding along with finding solutions for issues that are adversely part of industries and environments. There are specializations for this course that is often available for post graduate level programs. Specializations namely Coastal Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Ecological Engineering and Water Resources Engineering are part of Environmental Engineering detailed range of subjects. Environment Engineers study the principles of various aspects of environment for designing and structuring effective sustainable prospects.

Masters in Environmental Engineering syllabus:

  • Environment Microbiology
  • Process Emission and Control
  • Risk Management and Reliability Engineering
  • Land Engineering and Water Management
  • Environmental Risks: Hazard, Assessment and Management
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  • Environment Chemistry
  • Biotechnological Processes of Environment Engineering

Masters in Environmental Engineering course details:

  • Masters in Environmental Engineering is majorly 2 year course, 1 years courses are also offered at many universities abroad
  • This program is available on full time as well as part time basis. Individuals can work on support of student visa which often permits 20 hours a week of work
  • On campus learning is most preferred for this program, some universities also offer this course through online education
  • Master of Science in Environmental Engineering (MSc/MS in Environmental Engineering) and Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering (M.Eng.) is widely provided at universities on master’s level. Few courses as Masters of Arts in Environmental Engineering (MA in Environmental Engineering) are also available at universities/colleges abroad

Best countries to pursue Masters in Environmental Engineering:

United States of America

United States as well all know is a wonderful destination for higher education. The country provides wide range of courses of almost all subjects. Environmental Engineering is one of the most sought after programs in this country. Pursuing this course in this country at some best ranked universities in the world is not only the benefit you will looking at, understanding this subject through practical and theoretical approach will definitely develop your level of knowledge. Typically this course is scheduled for 2 years of education.

To enroll for Masters in Environmental Engineering in USA applicants must submit their English proficiency test IELTS (7) or TOEFL (92) scores, Bachelors degree in Engineering certificate, CV/Resume, Letter of Recommendation, etc. There are more prerequisites that applicant must succeed to meet, to acquire detailed information regarding list of documents for international applicant communicate with your precise university/college.

Education expenses including tuition fee and basic lifestyle expenditure in USA is high priced. Many students prefer applying for education loans that support their financial funding abroad. Masters in Environment Engineering scholarships are also available.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is known as education hub of the world with best universities in its country. This program is widely taught in top universities of the country providing reliable and efficient knowledge related to this subject. Specialized subjects of Environmental Engineering are also provided in this country. This program is available in 1 year and 2 years duration. Experience opportunities through internships and employment are also available in UK.

To study for Masters in Environment Engineering in UK one must submit their educational documents which include Bachelors degree in engineering certificate, English proficiency test IELTS (6.5) or PTE (62) scores are required along with mandatory requirements like Letter of Recommendation for university and Statement of Purpose of visa. University requirements of colleges may differ therefore communicating with the precise university for prerequisites are highly recommended.

Education in United Kingdom is pleasant and informative however tuition fee and living expenses is high in this country. Although with several individuals choosing study abroad as a considerate option, bank institutions have education loans for aspiring students. Scholarships are also available for this program in UK.


Australia has many top ranked universities in the world that provide variety of programs with accurate information. Environmental Engineering courses are available at many universities in this country. Australia is also a wonderful destination for experiences. Typically this course duration is about 2 years. Both M.Eng and MS courses are offered in this country.

Requirements for Masters in Environmental Engineering in Australia include CV/Resume, Letter of recommendation, Bachelors degree in Engineering, and English proficiency IELTS (6.5)or PTE (65) or TOEFL (85) scores. To acquire detailed information regarding prerequisites for international applicants contact precise university.

Tuition fee and living expenses generally in Australia is expensive. Although with the help of financial assistance through scholarships and education loans individuals thoroughly experience international education.


There are numerous opportunities for individuals that prompt growth and better learning environment in Canada. Many students prefer this country because of its friendly environment that promotes healthy and safe living. Education system is also highly applauded. Pursuing this program in Canada at top notch universities is a great standard of approach to acquire better insights on Environmental Engineering. Specialized courses of this field are commonly employment oriented.

 Masters in Environmental Engineering in Canada is generally preferred as MS in Environmental Engineering. To enroll in some of the top universities in Canada for MS in Environmental Engineering documents like Bachelors degree in Engineering certificate, English proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL scores are mandatory, to acquire more elucidate information regarding entry requirements and eligibility criteria contact the precise university.

Canada is a wonderful country that offers many student friendly facilities. Education and basic expenses in this country is however high. Education loans and scholarships are available for this program.

Masters in Environmental Engineering top universities:

  • University of Berkeley – California, USA
  • Stanford University, USA
  • University of Ottawa, Canada
  • University of Windsor, Canada
  • RMIT University, Australia
  • Western Sydney University, Australia
  • Imperial College London, UK
  • Cranfield University, UK

Masters in Environmental Engineering career prospects:

  • Pollution Control Manager
  • Water Management
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Land and Property Development
  • Sustainability Management
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Control and Risk Management    

Environmental Engineering graduates have opportunities to work in different with a well paid salary packages. The experiences in this field are rich and diverse. Studying this course abroad will develop unique perspective and approach that will help individuals throughout their professional lives in this field. Furthermore, one can also pursue Environmental Engineering on doctorate level degree that is mostly research based and are offered at many universities abroad.

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