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Masters in Fashion & Luxury Management Abroad


‘Fashion’ the term we’re all familiar with, all of us have a certain fashion sense which is mostly inspired by our comfort, others are inspired by fashion weeks. The concept of fashion began with the observation and clothing that was appreciated way back in times. With time, fashion became a stream of its own with designers selling articulate clothing. 21st century of fashion has a mixed range of clothing. Retailing is another concept that refers to the activity of reselling goods. Retailing is the selling of goods that are originally manufactured by another company, although a retailer buys these products and sells them under the title of the supplier. Fashion retailing is a concept where designers sell their clothing to a retailer who opens up the market and works as a direct supplier of the designer. A fashion retailer works on managing, selling and projecting the clothing in a way that appeals to the customers. Fashion retailing is a huge market with many retailers competing to sell the best product to their customers gaining profit from the sale. Say Hello to fashion and luxury management! 



Luxury has been a very demanding class of space for everyone. Luxury is considered elite and elegance; therefore the choice and ranges of product offered under the category of luxury are expensive and are made with articulate observation. Luxury management is a profession where individuals learn managing high-end products like cosmetics, fragrance, etc.

Many specialization courses are available for an individual, who is looking to pursue MA in fashion and luxury management program, or else one can opt individually MA in Fashion retail and management or Masters in luxury brand management.


The fashion and luxury management degrees are available in Germany, UK and France.

Best countries for Masters in Fashion & Luxury Management


Germany is a great destination for students who are looking to start or learn management lessons. Many luxury cars are manufactured and designed in Germany, with possibilities to learn more about the industrial sector students pursue higher studies in this country. Another benefit of studying in this country is one can live at affordable costs, as the public universities of this country provide free education/no tuition fees. Instead of pursuing a Masters in Fashion management in Germany or Luxury brand management courses in Germany an individual can pursue the MA in fashion and luxury management.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is an excellent destination for students who are looking to work in large-scale industries. Students choose the UK for its environment and for studying in internationally recognised universities and for the experience of their culture. Luxury management courses and Fashion retail courses are offered by many universities in the United Kingdom.


France is the fashion capital with many designers, the fashion retail courses are offered in this country. France is widely known to produce clothing that sets elegant standards, luxury wise the country offers programs that can be beneficial to those looking to work internationally. One can explore France and earn opportunities to learn more about management related courses.

Eligibility for MA in Fashion and Luxury Management:

  1. Bachelors degree or any relevant certificate/diploma course
  2. English proficiency test like TOEFL or IELTS
  3. CV/Resume

Syllabus for Fashion Retail Management and Luxury Management

  • Marketing and luxury brand management
  • Visual merchandising and creative design
  • German language (If opted for Germany)
  • Sustainable fashion branding
  • Fashion business management
  • Brand Globalization
  • Digital marketing
  • Professional practice in luxury management
  • Entrepreneurship

The duration for the course of Masters degree in Fashion Retail and Luxury Brand Management is 18 months. 

Career prospects post the Masters degree in Fashion and Luxury Management:

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  • Retail, brand and E-commerce management
  • Senior Buying
  • Merchandising
  • PR management

With a degree in fashion and luxury management, one develops their communication skills, Leadership skills, management skills, interaction on business level skills.

Top Countries to study MA in Fashion and Luxury management

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