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Literature as a concept was coined way back in times when writing was considered one of the most significant choices of entertainment. There are forms of literature such as novels, drama, poetry, short story and novella. The forms have a certain style of writing making it easier for people to understand or pick their favorite type of literature. Masters in Literature is often pursued by individuals enamored by writing. Also, foreign universities are the best place to gain quality knowledge now and English education abroad, let’s learn more about Masters in Literature abroad.



Evolution of literature has been observed where the styles of writing have majorly changed. Classic and Modern literature are commonly used to discern the piece of writing. Even though technology has taken over the world widely, it should be known that Literature has managed to stand strong. Perhaps, the definition of Literature has developed with times but the purpose of it has remained the same. Literature is a globally renowned discipline that has vast syllabus, therefore pursuing this course at one of the many universities abroad is highly recommended.

Generally, Masters in English Literature is highly opted for when planning to study literature abroad. Especially, because of its significant focus on the language. Aspiring students choose to study MA English Literature abroad to gain important advanced knowledge about the subject. MFA Creative Writing, Professional Writing and Literacy studies are other considerable options for learning aspects of literature.

Masters in Literature Course Details

  • Program duration of Master’s degree in Literature is 2 years

  • MA in Literature is most preferred for post-graduation

  • Masters in English Literature is the most sought after specialization. Other specializations include Reading, Creative Writing, Modern and Contemporary Literature, Applied Linguistics, etc.

  • This post-graduation program is offered on Full-Time and Part-Time basis abroad

Masters in Literature Syllabus

  • Advanced studies in World Literature

  • British Literature

  • American Literature

  • Literature in Indian English

  • Comparative Literature

  • Medieval Literature and Cultures

  • Applied Linguistics

  • Approach to Literary History

  • Professional Writing

  • Sentiment and Sensation

Masters in Literature Entry Requirements

Cost of Study

Education abroad can seem expensive, however pursuing a degree like Masters in Literature abroad can benefit your future in so many ways. You can apply for scholarship and even take help of student loans to experience higher education abroad. Here’s an overview on the range for Masters in Literature tuition fees in the United Kingdom, The United States of America, Canada, and Australia –



Tuition Fee (Range)

United Kingdom

USD 9860 – USD 22225


USD 8,000 – USD 50,000


USD 6,200 – USD 30,000


USD 7,000 – USD 40,000

Best countries to pursue Masters in Literature

United Kingdom

British Literature is one of the greatest examples of literary compositions. English Literature abroad is significant course in this field in the UK. Creative Writing is often considered as the other specialization that will teach you aspects of writing. Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing or Master of Studies in Fine Arts in Creative Writing are the two other options that you can choose for studying Literature in UK. Also, if you are an aspiring student to study both writing and literature you can opt for Masters in Literacy Studies that focus on both of these attributes.

To enroll for MA Literature in UK international students must submit documents such as English Proficiency Test IELTS or PTE scores, Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, CV/Resume, Letter of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, etc. Foreign students have other requirements that are usually mentioned on the university website thus, visit the specific website for more information regarding this criterion.

Since, United Kingdom is primary destination for both jobs and education. Cost of study and accommodation is high. If you have financial funding issues, you can apply for student loans and also try for scholarships that are offered to international students.

United States of America

Literature is considered as one the most sought after courses in the USA. Universities in the USA offer a variety of programs that satisfy students willing to acquire knowledge in Literature. You can opt to study Masters in Literature in USA which has pedagogy that focuses on the evolution of writing, types of writing and composition of writing. Other courses that are related to the study of this discipline include MFA or MA in Creative Writing and Masters in Professional Writing. These courses are conducted in universities of USA that are best recommended to individuals looking to improve their writing skills. Another course, Masters in Literacy studies that is popular on US grounds include studying reading, writing and literature in cultural and social context.

If you are willing to enroll for Masters in Literature US based universities you will need to have gathered prerequisites such as English Proficiency Test IELTS or TOEFL scores, Bachelor’s degree in Literature from a relevant university, CV/Resume, etc. Detailed information about entry requirements for international students must be obtained through specific university website.

Pursuing higher education in the USA is undoubtedly experiential however the cost of study and living here is not cheap. But, if you are planning to study in USA and have financial barriers you can opt for student loans. Also, applying for scholarships is a viable option.


There are several universities in Canada that offer literature related programs. Writing programs are conducted in many universities in this country that are offered at levels starting from Bachelors to PhD. Masters in Literature offered in universities are literature studies oriented. If you are looking to acquire knowledge about writing or creative composition choosing a course such as MFA/MA Creative Writing or Professional Writing is best. Canada has many other courses in Literature that are meant to equip aspiring students with knowledge that can prepare them for a career that has aspects of Literature.

Prerequisites to study for Masters in Literature in Canada include English fluency test IELTS or TOEFL scores, Bachelor’s Degree, CV/Resume, Letter of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose are needed. Usually, universities have other requirements that are meant for international applicants therefore checking on the university website for more information is necessary.


Australia has many courses for Literature that international students can choose to study. If you are planning to study writing specific courses you can also opt for MFA Creative Writing or Master of Writing and Publishing at universities of this country. Australia is a great platform to learn writing and publishing. You can also further work at renowned companies that function on a global level to acquire a high rated experience in Literature. Since the subject is vast and has much more to learn. If you are a student willing to learn more about Literature abroad you can further apply for PhD in Literature at Australian universities.

Entry requirements for Masters in Literature in Australia include Bachelor’s degree in Literature, English Proficiency test IELTS or PTE scores, CV/Resume, Letter of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, etc. The country is comparatively expensive for higher education but with the help of scholarships and education loans one can easily experience studying in Australia.

Top universities for English Literature

  • Durham University, United Kingdom

  • University of Oxford, United Kingdom

  • Kingston University, United Kingdom

  • Boston University, United States of America

  • Northwestern University, United States of America

  • The University of British Columbia, Canada

  • University of Toronto, Canada

  • The University of Sydney, Australia

  • Macquarie University, Australia

Masters in Literature Career Prospects

  • Professor

  • Writer

  • Proof Reading

  • Journalism and Communication profession

  • Copy Editor

  • Lexicographer

  • Creative Writing

  • Copy Writing

After completing studies in Literature abroad the scope of being employed abroad is likely. Individuals can choose to learn further about this subject by choosing PhD as well. To conclude, individuals with keen interest in learning aspects of Literature from global point of view should pursue MA in Literature abroad.

You can also pursue Literature through an Associate Arts Degree.

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