Masters in Mass Communication Abroad

Mass communication is the concept of exchanging messages with more than one or a group of people using various mediums of communication. The word itself explains that it involves studying mass i.e. large range of audience communicating through different channels of communication. Mass Communication is the advanced segment of communication that studies communication of wide range audiences. Mass Communication in totality deals with understanding the behavior, opinion, attitude and other emotions of people post receiving the message.

masters in mass communication

There are several sources of communication in today’s time i.e. social media, newspaper, television, radio, advertising, etc. Internet plays an immense role in recording these observations such as significance of communication in today’s world. Mass communication is a process that also involves transmission of messages from one place to other using different kinds of sources of communication.

What is Masters in Mass Communication?

Masters in Mass Communication is a post graduate degree that studies these mediums of communication and also the dynamics of media communication. Media and Communication courses abroad provide individuals with plethora of information and knowledge regarding various aspects of this field preparing them into indulge into the diverse opportunities.

Mass Communication colleges abroad are often preferred by students who are keen explore the effects of message transmission to a large set of audience. The important theories acquired through studies in mass communication develop one’s analytical, communication and interpersonal skills. As mentioned Mass communication is an extensive field with several segments that deal with different parts of communication and media. There are few types of mass communication that one can choose as their specialized degree for specifically pursuing a career in that field.

Four main categories of Mass Communication

  • Journalism – Involves reporting and gathering current happenings around the world. Message or News transmission mainly occurs through television, radio, newspaper and internet.
  • Advertising – Involves marketing a product or service through mediums like banners, hoardings, pamphlets, etc.
  • Public Relations – Involves communicating with consumers related to particular firm or organization through making use of different channels of communication.
  • Social Media – The most broad source of mass communication it involves all kinds of interaction activities. It is the latest addition which is evolving with time creating more space and methods for message transmission.

Many aspiring students of mass communication study this course abroad because of its comprehensive studies and experiential leading lifestyle. Best universities offering Masters in Mass Communication are situated in United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. The countries have universities that have been ranked as best colleges for mass communication in the world. MA in Mass Communication and MSc in Mass Communication are the most commonly offered programs under the post graduation title.

Mass communication post graduation courses are mostly offered on full time as well as part time basis. Few best colleges for mass communication in the world also offer this program on online learning basis however it is advised that students opt to study this program on campus because of its broad range of experience opportunities.

Masters in Mass Communication requirements | Eligibility Criteria

Masters in Mass Communication subjects

  • Law and Ethics of Mass Communication
  • Media Management and Policy
  • Media Research
  • Communication Theory and Research
  • Contemporary Mass Communication
  • Advanced Mass Communication Research
  • Other elective subjects

Masters in Mass Communication abroad cost of study

Looking for course fee structure of a Masters in Mass Communication abroad? Look no further, below mentioned is the average overview of studying Masters in Mass Communication in The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Australia and Canada –

CountryTuition Fee (Range)
USAUSD 8,000- USD 35,000
United KingdomUSD 5,500 – USD 25,000
AustraliaUSD 7,700 – USD 30,000
CanadaUSD 5,000 – USD 27,000

Best countries to pursue post graduation in Mass Communication

The United States of America

The USA is popular Mass communication related programs. There are several universities in the United States of America that offer specialized degree of mass communication. USA will provide individuals with wide range of opportunities that prompt learning critical skills of communication. Masters in Mass Communication in USA are provided at some of the top ranked universities in the world therefore the scope of growth and learning this field in-depth is highly possible.

Admission for Masters in Mass Communication in USA includes English proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL scores, bachelor’s degree from a relevant university. Other secondary documents requirements are likely mentioned on the university website if not, it is recommended to approach university for detailed information.

Mass communication post graduation courses in USA are offered in the duration of 1 or 2 years. MA in Mass Communication is most preferred type of program in the country. Tuition fee and other basic expenses in USA are highly priced. However with great extent of knowledge exposure and opportunities awaiting post graduation one must undoubtedly choose this destination. One can opt for education loans that are provided by institutions and bank organizations for students willing to study abroad, the money acquired through loans covers most of the basic expenses. Scholarship opportunities for this program are also available.

The United Kingdom

Study of Mass Communication is spread throughout Europe almost every country situated in this continent offers higher education in this area of interest. Masters in Mass Communication in UK are provided at top ranked universities of the country. The education or knowledge acquired from the reputed colleges will improve a student’s perspective in regards to the subject.

Scholarship for this course in United Kingdom for international students is offered at various universities. To enroll for Masters in Mass Communication UK one must submit their IELTS or PTE test scores along with Bachelor’s degree certificate and CV/Resume. For detailed information on secondary documents it is recommended to contact particular university.

Tuition fee for this program in UK is cheaper than other countries. The duration of this program is 1 to 2 years in this country. Accommodation structure for students is friendly and convenient. Financial assistance can be acquired through scholarships and bank institutions willing to fund students for higher education.


Australia offers several media and communication programs for international students. This course in Australia is subjected to better communication and understanding the techniques of it. One can also opt to study specialized programs in the country that provide great range of knowledge about this field.

Mass Communication part time programs are also available. IELTS or PTE scores are accepted under the English proficiency test criteria, Bachelor’s degree is mandatory. Detailed information on documents and application process contacting the university is advised.

Tuition fee for this course in Australia is at average level considering foreign based living. Accommodation is available for students within the campus or apart from the campus. On campus living is highly advisable as the expenses and safe living environment will prompt a better experience in the country. Masters in Mass Communication in Australia is an enriching feeling where an individual can experience many aspects of living in a foreign country.


Canada is quite often preferred by Indian students. The popularly growing country consist many universities and institutions that provide range of courses. Masters in Mass Communication in Canada programs are offered at variety of institutions. IELTS or TOEFL scores are suffice for proving English proficiency other list of documents can be acquired through enquiry with the specific institution.

Mass Communication and Media courses in Canada may range from 1 to 2 years. Scholarships for this program in Canada are offered by few institutions, financial assistance is also provided by banks for students willing to studying abroad. Tuition fee and accommodation fees for this program in Canada is high priced however with opportunities of settlement and employment individuals can lead a great lifestyle in Canada.

Top universities for Masters in Mass Communication

  • Columbia University, United States of America
  • London School of Economics, United Kingdom
  • University of Melbourne, Australia
  • McGill University, Canada

Mass Communication Career Prospects

  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Communication
  • Human Resources

Mass Communication jobs are highly valued and are available in abundance in every part of the world. Almost every company recruits an individual with knowledge of this field. Therefore post graduation in this field has great extent of scope in terms of career growth and opportunities of experiences on large scale basis.

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