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Masters in International Relations - Top Courses, Universities and Benefits

International Relations or International Affairs alias IR or IA respectively, is a field of knowledge that studies the interconnection between two or more countries in terms of politics, law and economics on international or global level. International collaborations are a very important aspect of maintaining peace and harmony among countries, it has become inevitably necessary for nations to connect and maintain relations in order to develop and evolve the systems around the world.

masters in international relations

Since the independence of various countries in modern period, international relations has played a key role in maintaining and providing advantages to the citizens and people around the world. With no doubt, International Relations is a sensitive yet confidential level of work that requires individuals to be fully capable of maintaining a decorum that builds trust and understanding of global affairs.

What is International Relations?

International Relations courses are highly acclaimed in today’s times. International Relations jobs are considered among of the high profile jobs in the world. Introduction to International Relations was first observed in 1919 in University of Wales until then, IR per say was not an academically known course. The study of International Relations is a practice and understanding of politics, economy, history and law of foreign countries that allow the opportunity to examine the global issues like poverty, human rights, foreign policies, globalization, security, ethics and environment.

Why study International Relations?

International Relations courses provide individuals with core knowledge about the functions and prospects that help in maintaining world harmony. Studying International Relations is extremely advantageous in terms of understanding the world and its considerable demands that can maintain peace in context of economy, politics and humanitarian rights. Protecting the citizens around the world is one the main goals of studying International Relations. Understanding foreign policies and economic strategies that focus on human rights and providing environment security along with having a perspective on global issues.

The value of studying International Relations:

      • It promotes better living for citizens in the world
      • It gives opportunities to improve trade policies in order to generate better economic stability
      • It elevates the opportunity to connect with other nations to maintain a peaceful environment along with being in support to face global issues together
      • It allows experiencing various cultural dynamics through immigration.
      • It helps in spreading the message of human rights that will help in developing the systems around the world
      • Co-operating with other nations during the occurrence of contemporary global issues.

    Masters in International Relations degree is an ideal course that can kick start your ambition to improve the current scenario in the world. The theories, ideologies and policies taught under Masters Degree in International relations promote affirmative policies that are focused towards betterment of the world. Students who have keen interest in examining and analyze the world’s behaviour in terms of system analysis, organization analysis, individual analysis and state/country level analysis should choose International Relations post graduate degree.  

    Students can also acquire scholarships in International Relations by approaching the college or universities financial aid program that provides financial assistance for students.

International Relations Program Structure

  • Theories of International Relations
  • International Security
  • The Evolution of International Society
  • Quantitative Analysis for International and Public Affairs
  • Public Management
  • Foundations of International Relations

Eligibility Criteria for International Relations

Where to study International Relations?

International Relations graduate programs are addressed or taught all around the world especially the parts of world where history and global affairs are highly recognised. The program structure of International Relations is theory based. Students who study International Relations gain knowledge through theoretical means that are provide objective and theories of International Relations mostly in context of Liberalism and Realism functions of the society or world. 

International Relations can be pursued as undergraduate or bachelors degree as well. However, for better and elucidate understanding pursuing Masters Degree in International Relations is beneficial. Top International Relations graduate programs are available as MA International Relations, MSc International Relations, and MS in International Relations.  International Relations master degree program duration is about 1 year.

Individuals can easily access to top universities for International Relations as the program is popularly growing and has proven its substantial impact on the world issues. The European continent is primarily known for best international relations programs in the world. Top International Relations Masters programs can be studied from the universities of United States, Switzerland, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

United States of America

Some of the best school for international relations is situated in this country. USA is wonderful destination to learn about global affairs and acquire maximum knowledge about foreign and economic policies. USA also has headquarters of several organizations that have continued to represent themselves in international affairs.

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Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the suited destinations that specifically provide best international relations masters program in the world. Institutions in Switzerland are reputedly known for best masters in International Relations program. The country caters best possible knowledge in diplomacy developments to its international students and has managed to create political awareness among foreign students who willingly choose Switzerland for higher education in International Relations.


Netherlands is a great destination to learn about laws and policies. With a relaxing environment, students have experienced great comfort at learning. By studying International Relations in Netherlands students can obtain internship opportunities at The Hague or courts.

United Kingdom

As we know, the first academic lecture or program of International Relations was conducted in UK. Undoubtedly the country is globally recognised for its policies and various techniques that have substantially proven their merits in maintaining relations with other nations. Universities in United Kingdom provide students with abundance and in-depth knowledge about public well-being along with discussing and guiding students about various laws and policies around the world.

Best universities for International Relations in the world:

  • Radboud University – Netherlands
  • Georgetown University – USA
  • University of Oxford – United Kingdom
  • Columbia University – USA
  • Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations – Switzerland

After successfully graduating, individuals can acquire recognised designations under careers with international relations program certificate. Jobs for international masters degree depends on the individual’s interest in the field, there are variety of categories that individuals can choose from.

Field to explore

Salary for international relations degree may depend on the designation and level of fluency in the field of an individual.

Careers with International Relations

  • Civil Service Fast Streamer
  • Government Social Research Officer
  • Politician’s Assistant
  • Intelligence Specialist
  • Lobbyist
  • Public Affairs Consultant
  • Development Relief
  • Security and Intelligence
  • Trade Policy

Pursuing International law as a post graduate degree is a step towards improving the world. Individuals who believe in serving justice and stand by the policies that are determined to create a better living for the citizens of the world are the right students for the program.

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