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Masters Degree in Public Health (MPH) Abroad


As of 2018 world census our population is right about 7.7 billion in which 195 countries are located in 8 big continents. Each country is different from one another in almost every terms compared be it culture, people, behavioral pattern or population. Since the declaration of independence all countries have formed their government or set of terms and rules. Public health is of one most important aspects of improving the quality of living in a country.


masters in public health

What is Public Health?

The term Public Health itself states that it means controlling or improving health of the population or public in the country or area by taking measures that prevent diseases. Public health is a significant part of the world as it not only makes the lifestyle better but also promotes a hygienic environment for the people around the world. There are numerous public health programs conducted each year all over world that has delivered successful results tendering better living in local areas.

Why study Masters of Public Health?

Masters in Public Health is a post graduate program that studies various modules of health sectors through research, education and other scientific facts that help promoting a healthy lifestyle to the locals. Masters degree in Public Health is offered under titles namely MSc Public Health, MA Public Health, and MBA Public Health. Masters in Public Health courses are pursued by many students abroad because of its extensive experience and program structure. Masters degree of Public Health is also commonly known as MPH degree.

Eligibility for Masters in Public Health:

  • English Proficiency Test: IELTS or PTE or TOEFL
  • Bachelors Degree from a relevant university
  • CV/Resume with work experience
  • Letter of Recommendation

Why study Masters in Public Health?

The Public Health subjects taught in the program are mostly scientific based providing knowledge about medical, preventive and other effective measures to improve and encourage better living among people. Public Health is also a discipline that addresses health at the population level therefore learning about health measures on global scale is one of the important aspects of Public Health.

Program Structure of Masters in Public Health:

  • Social, Cultural and Behavioural factors of Public Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
  • Global Health
  • Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Indigenous Health

 There are several specializations offered in MPH degree abroad that individuals can opt. Masters in Public Health online programs is also an available option for studies in Public Health. Individuals can choose Public Health Masters programs on part-time and full-time basis at the universities offering this program. The duration of Masters in Public Health is 2 years. Masters of Public Health are best suited for individuals with a keen interest in the social sectors, medical sectors and health sectors of the world.

Best countries to pursue Masters in Public Health:


Masters in Public Health in Canada are widely offered with specializations. Many Indian students consider this country among one of their ideal choices for higher education abroad. Admission process in the universities of Canada is similar to other countries. The education system is reputed and well-acclaimed and is one of the primary reasons of Canada being a popular country for education. English and French are the official language of Canada.

As of MPH degrees in Canada, many universities conduct this course. The primary admission requirements for pursuing Public Health masters in Canada include submission of English Proficiency test IELTS (7 overall) or TOEFL (92 overall) or PTE (59 overall) scores. Tuition fee for MPH degree in Canada are cheaper than many Tier 1 countries. Scholarships for this course are available in the country. Education loans are also provided by the organizations and banks for completing graduation in Public Health.

United States of America

Masters in Public Health in USA are offered at various colleges. USA has top ranked institutions in its country that offer this program providing a great of extent of insight towards this subject. Indian students often choose USA for higher education because of the career scope and knowledge expansion.

To acquire admission in MPH in USA one must submit their English proficiency IELTS or TOEFL scores. Other secondary documents include identify proof, education qualification, etc. The tuition fee in USA for this course is high although with endowment opportunities one can manage their expenses. Financial Assistance in form of education loans is also provided by the organizations and banks for this program. Part-time paid job opportunities are also available for students in USA.

United Kingdom

Masters in Public Health UK programs are offered at top universities in the country. MSc Public Health is the most commonly conducted and pursued program. Public Health Masters program in United Kingdom studies various aspects of health administration providing students with detailed information about public health.

Admission requirements for Public Health in UK include English proficiency test IELTS or PTE scores are accepted. Other mandatory requirements for international students are mentioned on the particular university’s website. Online MPH degrees are also provided by the best universities in UK. Tuition fee for pursuing MPH in UK is costly but as financial assistance programs like scholarships and education loans are provided for this course. Most of the education loans cover all the basic expenses.


Public Health programs in Australia are taught under the duration of 2 years. Masters in Public Health in Australia are ranked among the world’s best health and clinic schools. MS in Public Health, MA in Public Health are offered in Australia focusing on various aspects of the subject.

Public Health master’s degree tuition fee in Australia is cheaper compared to USA. The living expenses and tuition fee expenses along with other basic expenses can be covered through financial funding organizations. Scholarships for this course are also offered for international students.

Top universities to pursue Masters in Public Health:’

  • Harvard University, USA
  • University of North Carolina, USA
  • University of Oxford, UK
  • University of Cambridge, UK
  • University of Sydney, Australia
  • University of Queensland, Australia
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • University of Waterloo, Canada

Public Health Careers:

  • Biostatistics
  • Public Health Doctor
  • Medical Officer
  • Public Health Officer
  • Epidemiologist
  • Health Care Administrator
  • Health Informatics specialist

Public Health is a rapidly growing sector many people are interested and keen to be a part of this industry. Also the role of public health in today’s world is considered very crucial as the rapid changes in the environment and behaviour are leading to many hazardous health issues. With Masters in Public Health jobs in the community organizations, government departments, etc. can be acquired. An accurate number cannot be stated for Masters in Public Health salary packages as the income depends entirely on responsibility and designation of the individual.  

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