Masters in Public Relations

Communication is the key part of maintaining a public image of an organization or firm. Public image plays a significant role in shaping or building a company or organizations reputation. Talking of today’s world, more than 60% of brand image of a company depends entirely on the relationship maintained with the public. It is the responsibility of public relations sector to create and maintain a good reputation among the public or community for better sales and reputation purpose.


Masters in public relations


It is also important to sustain a communicative relationship with the customers, target audience or public in general. To keep them updated with new practices or products through various campaigns that deliver informative content that reach to the audience effectively.


The emergence of Public Relations can be traced way back to the New World settling era where abolishment of slavery was addressed.

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations is a field of communication that practices various methods and techniques with a purpose of keeping the audience or public in a loop regarding the organization, firm, brand or a famous person. It is a strategic communication that involves use of different mediums of media for building a positive or affirmative image among the public. Making use of current affairs and trending topics from which the brand image can make beneficiary outcome of, is also one of the roles of Public Relations.

The objective of Public Relations is to build a friendly and healthy relationship with the circle of people that are directly or indirectly related to the organizations or individual. It must be known that PR (Public Relations) does not consider paying for writing content or publicizing their information about the individual or company. Rather they make use of these free media content and promote them which attract several audiences since it is a third party content which is not paid for.

 Masters in Public Relations is a post graduate course that is studied by individuals with avid interest in media and communications field. The value of PR jobs has extensively increased in the past three decades making it one of the primary categories of organizations. Public Relations masters program are mostly approached by individuals who are willing to learn the managerial aspects of the role.

Program Structure of Masters in Public Relations:

    • Introduction to Public Relations
    • Public Relations Management
    • PR and Marketing Communications
    • Strategies of Public Relations
    • Information Resource Management
    • Public Relations theory and practice

Masters in Public Relations Eligibility criteria:

M.A. Public Relations is the popular master’s level degree in this field nevertheless among other masters degree offered are MSc in Public Relations and a few MBA in Public Relations. Public Relations degree programs are popularly known in United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia, Canada. Studying Masters in PR from foreign countries will enhance the education quality and experiences for individuals leading them with ameliorate knowledge about the subject.

The duration of Post Graduation in Public Relations programs are 1 or 2 years.

Best countries to pursue Masters in Public Relations abroad:

United States of America

USA is one of the leading countries that are known for its communication and media ethics. Universities in USA are generally renowned for media and communication courses. Individuals can apply at the best universities for masters in public relations in this country. With an exposure to several paramount organizations one has better probability in terms of career opportunities in Public Relations.

Universities in USA are exceeding experiential in reference to student life and interaction. Students have many opportunities to encounter events filled with Public Relations education. The college life will help students to improve their communication skills extensively. To apply for Masters in Public Relations in USA one must submit their English proficiency score along with other secondary documents. MA and MSc in Public Relations are the programs offered in the country.

It comes as no surprise when stated that USA is in fact the most expensive among the list. The tuition as well as living expenditure is quite high and non-affordable to most. However, with student loans that cover most of the expenses individuals can fully enjoy the study experience in USA.

United Kingdom

UK is the second most sought after country for this specific course. The country is brimming with top ranked universities in the world that provide high quality education. Public Relations masters in UK are attended by several international students. United Kingdom is also a capital of many organizations and with various leading companies of media and famous personalities, students can acquire jobs in PR in the country.

The eligibility criteria for attending Masters in Public Relations in UK one must submit English proficiency test scores along with other mentioned mandatory documents. United Kingdom is expensive in terms of living and tuition fee expenses. One can choose to work part time within the campus with 20 hours a week permit. Students are advised to look for campus living facilities as they are fairly cheaper than independent living.


Communication programs in Australia are extremely reliable. One can enrol themselves at the specifically devoted university for Public Relations in Australia that promotes highly ethical and informative context in Public Relations. The country has institutes that are considered as the peak body for communication and public relations in the world. Students can learn and experience at top organizations in Australia that are known for their PR driven environment. MSc in Public Relations in Australia is the provided course in the university.

The eligibility criteria for attending Post Graduation Public Relations in Australia one must submit English proficiency test scores along with other mentioned mandatory documents. The tuition fee for completing graduation in the field is likely high however with part time job facilities one can fund their living expenses. Students must have a certain amount (details are provided by the university) before enrolling for the program.


There are several PR agencies in Canada that hire Public Relations graduates. Masters of Arts programs in the field of communication and marketing are offered in ample in Canada. Public Relations specialized courses are offered in few universities of Canada. Students need to submit their English proficiency scores for applying into the universities along with that they must submit the other mandatory secondary requirements.

The tuition fee in Canada is also cheaper compared to other Tier 1 countries mentioned. The lifestyle in this country is student friendly and individuals can also choose to apply for Permanent Residency once they acquire a standard job in the field.

Top universities of Masters in Public Relations:

  • College of Communication Boston, USA
  • London College of Communication, UK
  • University of Southern California, USA
  • The University of Sydney, Australia
  • York University, Canada

Public Relations careers:

  • Publicist
  • PR Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Manager
  • Campaign manager
  • Spokesperson

The scope in the field of Public Relations is in abundance however only students who are looking to learn the management tasks of PR are recommended to apply for this program. Concluding with the fact that PR is a tremendously valued part of an organization, it has various assignments which will provide one with opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge and experience in the communication and marketing aspects of the field. 

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