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Study Political Science Abroad


Political science is an academic discipline that focuses on understanding the exercise of power in a variety of settings such as the government and politics at the local, state, national and international level. The theory aspect of this study is mainly focused on the foundations of political community, institutions, the human nature and the moral purposes of political association.

What is Political Science?

Political Science is a general overview of political institutions and behavior. It is a social science, analogous to history and anthropology. The study encapsulates the effect of governmental actions on population behavior, thereby paving way for aspects of international relations, sociology, and economics for an even broader reaching field of study. The common sub-fields within a Masters in Political Science include comparative government, political theory, law and public policy.

Why Study Political Science?

Most preferred Masters Degree in Political Science is offered as Masters of Arts in Political Science (M.A. Political Science) and Masters of Science in Political Science (M.Sc. Political Science). Most political science masters programs generally take two to three years to complete, and is a more in depth study of the broader topics covered in an Undergraduate Political Science curriculum.  M.A. in Political Science and M.Sc. in Political Science are similar in terms of the subjective and research modules. The only difference in these degrees is that M.Sc. in Political Science focuses on technical aspects of the subject whereas M.A. in Political Science includes more of theoretical and wide-ranging aspects of Political Science.



Masters in Political Science degree is offered in several countries with expertise knowledge. The best known countries to pursue education in this distinguished field i.e. Political Science are United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Canada. Masters in Political Science programs abroad are recommended to students with discerning interest in the workings of Politics that teach students about the expound practices, processes and other theoretical data on the subject.

Masters in Political Science Requirements

Syllabus for Masters in Political Science

  • Debates in Political Theory
  • Comparative Political Analysis
  • Theories of International Relations
  • Political Philosophy
  • Themes in World Politics and International Political Economy
  • Social Movements and Revolution
  • Parties, Elections and Political Process
  • Research Methodology
  • Other elective subjects

Best Countries to pursue Masters in Political Science

The United Kingdom

Students pursuing to study in the United Kingdom can benefit in terms of environment, personality enrichment and learning international relations skills along. The country provides best masters degree in Political Science at globally revered universities.

The United States of America

The USA boasts of some of the best political science masters programs in the world. Moreover, it is known for its cultural diversity, environment, surrounding and has some top-ranked universities in its country. Students pursue higher education in the country for reasons like settlement and career opportunities. Masters degree in Political Science in the USA will help individuals understand and work on their Politics and International Relations alongside taking up internships at well known organizations.


Australia is a wonderful destination to study about social Political Science in depth. Most universities in Australia allow students to gain an understanding of governments and political systems in Australia and abroad and the values and ideologies that have motivated political action in modern society.

Best Universities for Masters Political Science

  • Harvard University
  • University of Oxford
  • London School of Business
  • Princeton University
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Sydney

Masters in Political Science Career Prospects

  • Policy Analyst
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Political Consultant
  • Economist
  • Teacher

There is no limit to what you can do with a Masters in Political Science. Political science majors develop strong writing and research skills while generating papers about the political sphere. They discover how to make a convincing argument and back it up with facts. Students of political science hone their presentation and verbal communication skills as they share their work with faculty and peers. Therefore, these students are well-rounded and can do well at all masters in political science jobs.

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