Admission Process in Russian Universities

Here is details about Admission Process in Russian Universities.

Eligibility Criteria For Russian Universities

Candidates for admission to Russian higher educational institutions are supposed to have the educational level equivalent to the complete secondary education in Russia. Their results on basic subjects in Maturity Degree are expected to be not less than 80 per cent of the highest marks level. On the other subjects candidates are also supposed to have good marks.

The gap between the time of graduating from school, college or technical college and the time of entering any of the higher educational institutions of Russia should not exceed 3 years. It is preferable that the age of candidates for admission doesn’t exceed 27 years.

Those candidates who have Master’s Degree in Science/Arts can be admitted to the post-graduate course of study in the Russian higher educational institutions. Their age should preferably not exceed 35 years.

It is mandatory for all candidates to undergo the medical examination including HIV Blood Test, and a certificate indicating that their health permits them to stay in the Russian climate. In case health reasons prevent an admitted candidate from studying in the Russian Federation, he/she will have to leave Russia, provided that the travel expenses are to be paid by the sending Side.

Admission Process in Russian Universities

Students are required to submit the following documents to A J Trust Educational Consultancy along with their application for admission to a university in Russia:

I) For Graduate Courses

  • 1 notarised & 3 attested copies of 10th, 11th & 12th Marks Sheets
  • 1 notarised & 3 attested copies of School Leaving Certificate
  • 1 notarised & 3 attested copies of College Leaving Certificate
  • 1 notarised & 3 attested copies of Caste Certificate (If eligible)
  • 1 notarised & 3 attested copies of Passport ( if available)
  • 6 passport size colour photographs.

II) For Post Graduate Courses

All the above documents plus
  • 1 notarized & 3 attested copies of Marks Sheets of all academic years in college
  • 1 notarized & 3 attested copies of MBBS / BDS / BE Degree / Provisional Degree Certificate
  • 1 notarized & 3 attested copies of Internship completion Certificate
  • 1 notarized & 3 attested copies of Certificate of Registration with MCI / State Medical Council / DCI
  • In addition to the above, all students are required to submit the following documents, along with the original passport, to A J Trust Educational consultancy: Original 2nd PUC / 12th Std / HSC Marks Card. * Medical Fitness Certificate. * HIV Free Certificate.

Traditionally, the universities and institutes conducted their own admissions tests regardless of the applicants’ school record. There were no uniform measure of graduates’ abilities; marks issued by high schools were perceived as incompatible due to grading variances between schools and regions.


The following test scores are accepted for admission in various courses in different universities in Russia.

  • Unified State Exam: Every student must pass after graduation from school to enter a university or a professional college. Since 2009, EGE is the only form of graduation examinations in schools and the main form of preliminary examinations in universities.


  • Unified Republic Exam: Students who graduate in the Republic of Tatarstan can choose to pass the ERE/BRI in the Tatar language. The test is not obligatory and accepted as an entry exam only by the Tatarstan universities, especially for the Tatar language faculties.


  • Language Test: Choosing a course that is taught in English or French, applicants have to pass a language test. There is a compulsory pre-academic year for those who do not know Russian or/and for those with weak pre-university training. They must successfully pass the entrance exams.

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