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Jobs For Students in Russia

  • The student must not forget that the main goal of his/her stay in Russia is education, acquiring knowledge and skills in the subject he/she has chosen for specialization.


  • Within the period of studying, according to the article 13, paragraph 4 of the Federal Law dated on July, 25th, 2002, students can only work at their free time (after classes or on holidays at their universities as support personnel).


  • Their employer must be licensed to hire foreign citizens. The job must not hinder the student’s training at the university. The student who misses classes may be expelled from the University for poor academic achievement.


  • During the first two years in Russia students are not recommended to work, since they do not yet speak Russian fluently enough, and they have not yet got used to the conditions of life in the new country. Jobs that are available for international students are most often temporary ones, with employers seeking for unqualified and cheap hands.


  • International students must consider such low-paid jobs as only a way to earn some pocket money, to improve their Russian language and gain a better understanding of the Russian culture, but certainly not as the source of income to cover the tuition fees or other expenses during their stay in Russia.

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