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Russia as a Study Destination


Russia is an attractive destination for students with a wide variety of interests. It is packed with opportunities for academics interested in a wide variety of subjects, with plenty of cultural points of interest to fill out the experience. Places like Moscow and St. Petersburg are the two main hubs to attract thousands of students around the globe every year.

Russians have historically excelled in many creative areas, from literature and philosophy to ballet, painting, and classical music, it has made its mark in every aspects. Russia has over 160 ethnic groups speaking more than 100 languages, which have contributed to Russia’s incredibly diverse culture. Leo Tolstoy of Russia is one of the world’s most famous writers.

Russia gives you the scope to nurture individual skills, interests and talent. The programs are designed in such a fashion that they give you a scope for a holistic development. It suits the need for every student. It has a course for every student and the university towns have a lot to offer to all foreign students. While studying in Russia, one can explore the rich heritage and culture of Russia.

Russia is an excellent place for medical education. With many colleges and universities in Russia offering medical courses, students around the globe come to Russia to pursue medical courses.

Ethnic and Cultural Studies program offered by Russian university explains a unique view of Russia and its multicultural society, which exists within a nation that spans two continents. The program appeals to a wide range of students because in addition to language study, there are unparalleled opportunities to explore Russia’s fascinating ethnic diversity and the ways these differing cultures interact and affect the country as a whole.

Important Tips For Study in Russian University

The right to study at the higher education establishments of the Russian Federation is granted to any foreign citizen who:

  • Is able to study in terms of health.
  • Has the Certificate of Higher Secondary School Education that meets the requirements (see School-Leaving Certificate Requirements).
  • Has sufficient financial means to pay for.
  • Tuition (on average, 1100-2000 euro per academic year).
  • Life and health insurance (on average, 100-200 euro per year).
  • Accommodation in a university hostel (on average, 215-600 euro per academic year).
  • Meals (on average, 100 – 130 euro per month).

Important Documents For Admission in Russian University

    • Student visa
    • Passport with expiry date not sooner than 2 years
    • Migration card (issued and filled out in the airport upon arrival to Russia)
    • The original Certificate of High Secondary School Education with the Appendix (Transcript) enclosed to it containing the list of the subjects that the applicant studied at school and the grades the applicant got in theses subjects.
    • Two legalized copies of the Certificate of High Secondary School Education with the Appendix (Transcript) (the copy is to be legalized in the ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country which issued the Certificate and in the Russian Embassy in this country) OR
    • If the country which issued the educational documents, have signed the corresponding agreement (Hague Convention), then only one stamp – “Apostille�? is affixed to the original documents. In most cases it is affixed by the Ministry for Education, where the documents were executed, or the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of student’s country – the country that has issued the educational documents.
    • Upon arrival to Russia the student is obliged to make the notarized translation of the legalize Certificate of secondary (high school) education. The Certificate must be translated only after it has been legalized (as stated above), 2 copies. The translation should be affixed by the notary to the legalized copy. The student is obliged to pay the costs for obtaining of “the Certificate of Equivalence�? in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation which arise to 150 EURO.
    • Health certificate
    • AIDS/HIV Certificate
    • 12 black and white matte 3×4 centimeters (passport size) photos, matt finish.

Learning Russian Language

Those students, who intend to study in Russia, at first, have to study Russian language for one year (Pre-university training). Moreover, it is also very much important to know the language of a particular country, one is planning to visit. Thus it is always advisable to have some basic knowledge of Russian.

Where can I learn Russian?

One can learn German in any of the following ways:

  • Enroll in some institutes offering foreign language.
  • One can also learn Russian language online, through various websites offering this language training.

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