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Popular Courses in South Africa

Courses of Study




In South Africa, higher education is not limited to a precise academic focus. There is a wide range of choice for aspiring students ranging from Gender Studies to Engineering to Management. Courses of study vary from one university to another and students have the choice to take a combination of classes depending on their specialization and knowledge. The following courses are available:



  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Business
  • Sciences
  • African Studies
  • Health
  • Education and Service Learning
  • Performing Arts
  • Multidisciplinary Studies

Social Service

If have a passion for helping people, then social service is the career for you. Social service studies covers everything from helping families in distress to people experiencing violent relationships or are drug or alcholol addicts and people with special needs. The care you give can be in residential homes or hospitals. Either way, your degree will help you help others, and will give you a high level of career satisfaction. When considering international studies you may have to consider that some jobs in social care generally require accreditation, which you may have to gain in addition to your degree if you are an international student then it is also worth considering in addition to your degree is that the knowledge of different languages can be very beneficial in this area of work. It gives you the ability to communicate more easily with those in need, especially if you aim to work in communities with a large number of minority residents.

  1. Department of Social Work, University of Johannesburg
  2. University of Capetown
  3. University of South Africa


This listing below  does not claim to be a complete listing of every school, college or university teaching advanced level courses in Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmaceutical Engineering – however it is a good starting point for students seeking a career in industrial pharmacy.

Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (

University of Port Elizabeth (

University of the Witwatersrand(

Hotel Management 

The hotel, tourism and leisure industries are exciting and social business areas for anyone looking for a varied career that is in demand across the globe. Tourism is the largest and fastest growing industry worldwide and this in turn has a positive effect upon the hotel and leisure industries.

Educational courses in hotel, tourism and leisure, from vocational training diplomas to four year university degrees, are becoming ever more popular and are being offered in more and more locations. Some of the most popular and traditional hotelier educations are given in South Africa whilst new tourist destinations such as Dubai are available to students.

Within tourism and hospitality there are different directions of study and careers. Courses and degrees within tourism and leisure vary greatly. Two of the largest areas for study are in event management and hotel management however; schools offer anything from business degrees with a focus on tourism to vocational degree in culture tourism, ski instructor, horse guide or destinations  within tourism.

Hotel Management study courses range from diploma and vocational to doctorate and PhD level. Students in hotel management will learn the operational tasks necessary for running a successful hotel.

Studying Hotel Management will provide a varied and challenging degree program with opportunities for employment and post graduate further studies around the world.

The future for graduates in hospitality industry is very positive. The increases in globalisation, budget air travel and the development of new economies has lead to a fast growing and diverse industry. More and more people are able to afford holidays abroad. This combined with an increasingly international business market with more conferences and business trips, translates to an increase in demand for tourism, hotel, leisure, hospitality and event management.

  1. The Private Hotel School in Stellenbosch, South Africa offers in-house hospitality training programmes with internationally recognised certificates.(
  2. The North West Hotel Schools Division has established itself as one of South Africa’s foremost hotel schools, offering supreme courses in Hotel Management(
  3. At the International Hotel School (IHS), we have 100% placement rate for our graduates & our students are in demand all over the world.(

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