Why MBA from UK

UK is one of the most sought after destinations for MBA education. Business and Management programs in the UK are still the most popular courses among international students. Century old tradition, matchless education quality, and a high degree of sophistication are some of the obvious reasons for enrolling in an MBA program in the UK.

The most important reason for choosing an MBA program in the UK is its duration. MBA programs in the UK are of one year duration compared to those offered by the US and Canadian universities. Most of the UK universities also recognize the Indian system of 3 years bachelor degree.

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Global Recognition

An MBA from a renowned UK business school gives instant global recognition. The student profile and program portfolio attracts some of the top world recruiters. Equipped with an MBA from any of the top UK business schools will definitely give you an edge over others once you are back in your country.

Alumni Network

After completing your MBA program from a reputed institute, you gain alumni status and the right to join the alumni club. A strong alumni network offers networking opportunities and opens a rich storehouse of resources and knowledge that will impact your career in future. Studying in a global school only widens this network.

Student Profile

The advantage of learning alongside students from more than 100 countries in most top business schools in the UK gives you international exposure. The true international culture will definitely help you in business.

Career Services

Most business schools in the UK have full time career services to help you tap your talent and realize your potential. Career Service advisors help you enrich your CV and cover letters. They also give you interview tips and equip you will skills to get that dream job or start a new business

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