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Survival Tips for International Students in UK

UK is among the costliest places to stay. So, how does an international student survive (and, if lucky, save some money) in such an environment?
We, at NNE, have listed down a list of basic dos and don’ts for UK bound students, so that they can cut down on their expenses.

Try and avoid eating out as much as possible. The food is a little on the expensive side, so, an alternative to that is food available in the grocery stores. Many grocery stores generally have canned food, which is healthy, safe, cheap and which tastes good.

Buy daily travel cards, before you get on the bus to the tube station. The discount on travel cards can save you up to ? .70 a day. While, it might not seem a big number at first, but .7*30 amounts to ?21 in a month, and ?252 in a year.

UK is a hub of architectural and historical wonders. While a visit to many of its museums, art salaries and historical monuments are free, admission to a few places can be expensive. So, try and avoid those places till you are not economically secure.

London is a fashionable city, and you might feel a need to buy some pricey clothes. While quite a few stores offer “branded” clothes at an affordable price, but be sure to know the return on investment. For example, spending too much on clothes that you might not use that often might not be a good idea, if you are not economically stable. Charity shops are economically affordable, fun to explore and can be found on the busiest shopping streets in London.

Go to an expensive/luxury store, but don’t buy anything. Walk around the massive store and take in the atmosphere. Use the luxurious bathrooms, and visit the dazzling, year-round Christmas shop.

Take some time to reflect, read, and just be in London. You don’t always have to do things. Rather than shopping or sightseeing, sit in Hyde Park and take in the scenery and local atmosphere with a camera and your favorite book by your side. What you buy is not what you will remember, it is the real time experiences that you cherish.

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