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Tuition Fees in UK Colleges

Taking up an undergraduate or a postgraduate course in the UK in any of the recognised higher education institutions is expensive. International students from outside the European Union have to pay annual fees depending upon the course they take.

Fees are payable for each year of your course. Most courses have a maximum period for which fees are payable. The fees depend upon the particular university’s assessment of your status as ‘Home/EU’ or ‘Overseas’.  For some courses like MBA, fees are charged for the whole program.

Following is the approximate annual fees in the year 2005–06 in various programs. For latest information on the tuition fees, check with individual colleges.


 Type of courseFees range
from just under
Fees range from just over Average fee (per
Classroom-based Courses £7,000 £10,500 £7,500
Laboratory/Workshop based courses £7,600 £13,200 £8,300
Pre-clinical programmes £9,600     £16,200 £10,700
Clinical Medicine £11,200 £24,500 £19,500
Clinical Dentistry £14,600 £24,400 £19,500
Postgraduate taught
(e.g. MA, MSc)
Classroom-based Courses£7,100£12,100£7,900
Laboratory/Workshop based courses£7,900£13,500£8,400
Pre-clinical programmes£10,300£14,600£10,800
Clinical Medicine£13,000
Clinical Dentistry£15,200£25,100£19,500
research (e.g. PhD)
Classroom-based Courses£7,200£10,800£7,900
Laboratory/Workshop based courses£7,700£12,700£8,500
Pre-clinical programmes£9,100£14,200£11,000
Clinical Medicine£13,400£24,100£19,600
Clinical Dentistry£12,300£22,500£19,500

Fees of Colleges:
Click on the links below for the latest tuition fees of important colleges in the UK:

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. King’s College London
  4. London School of Economics

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