Accommodation in USA for indian students

Accommodation Facilities for Indian Students in USA
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Most of the educational institutions in USA will assist you in finding accommodation in USA For indian students while studying in USA. Accommodations are of two types i.e. On campus (Halls of Residence or Dormitories) or Off campus (Home stay or Apartments/Flats). Off Campus accommodation is more cheaper than on campus.


On Campus Options -Accommodations in USA For Indian Students

In this option, a student gets to stay on the university campus and the accommodation is given in the form of dormitories or residence halls depending on the course selected, availability, etc. If an on-campus accommodation option is selected by the student, most of the universities send across an orientation kit to the student which lists all the details with respect to the stay and studies pertaining to the university. On-campus stay option is easier for students who are going abroad to study for the first time as all the facilities, be it food, laundry, etc are easily accessible and one gets the feel of the American culture due to the events organized by the university that helps all the international and US students to mingle with each other.

Traveling is not an issue for on-campus students as the university buildings are within reach. It is always advised that the student stay on campus for the first six months, for both, academic and social activities. Dormitories also provide ready-to-use facilities like electricity and telephone.

Off Campus Options-Accommodations in USA For indian students

Off-campus accommodation is considered the best option by international students as it gives them a chance to explore the American lifestyle closely without any time deadlines and it is also a cheaper option than on-campus accommodation as the charges are comparatively lesser than those charged by universities for dormitories and halls of residence. The off-campus housing office assists you in finding an appropriate place to live, including information about the local neighborhoods, including popular restaurants, shopping areas, parks and recreation, and public transportation. Fellow students or friends are also a good source of information when it comes to finding a place off-campus.

Although all the information is correct and true there could be instances where the off-campus fees charged are on the higher side so before confirming your place please check with some authority if the fees charged are correct and true.


Homestay is a great option for undergraduate students somewhere around 18 years of age as they get to live with an American family where you get your own room as well as meals so it is easier for the student to adapt to the new lifestyle without feeling completely homesick.

 Things you must keep in mind before renting a house:

  • Spend some time in the area to decide if it feels safe and convenient to places like your college and places like grocery stores, hospitals and other places of importance.
  • Read the lease carefully before signing.
  • In case you do not understand any part of the agreement, ask the landlord, a friend, or someone from the international student office to help you.
  • Your rent may well not include utilities. You will need to place a request for things such as: an electricity connection and telephone service.

Soon after you register for telephone service, you should receive a free telephone directory. Within the directory, you will find the white pages (listing local residents alphabetically by name), the blue pages (government listings), and the yellow pages (business listings and advertisements).

The least expensive way to keep in touch with your near and dear ones is via e-mail. Each U.S. school has its own policies and procedures for accessing the Internet. If you choose to access your own e-mail off-campus, you can expect to pay some amount to an Internet Service Provider.

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Before choosing any of the above options, check whether it is the safest option for you since it is of utmost importance.

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