Tips for International Students to Save Money

how to save money while studying abroad
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As an Indian student who has come to the US to pursue higher education, you might end up mentally converting $ to ₹ every time you step out to buy anything and realize how expensive studying & living in the US can be. In this article, we have shared some money saving tips to cut down on some of the expenses of college students:

how to save money while studying abroad

How to save money in the USA While studying?

    1. Avail Students’ Discount

      There are a lot of places in the US that offer discounts to students. So, the next time you go out for a movie, or to a sporting event, a theme park, a restaurant or even a concert, make sure to ask if your student ID can help you save money. Make sure to carry your University/School ID card as a proof, to avail the discount.


    2. Apply for Scholarships

      The tuition fee at American colleges and universities can be very high for an Indian student, and that’s where scholarships to study in US come to your rescue! Make sure you know what are the various funds and grants that your chosen university/ college can offer you. While applying to study in the US, you must check whether you are eligible for the various scholarships on offer.


    3. Sign up for “meal plans”

      Most American colleges and universities offer a variety of “meal plans” that can be customized to suit your needs – whether you need 1 / 2 or 3 meals per day. The food provided is usually wholesome and nutritious and will definitely cost you much lesser than eating out. Another option is to start cooking at home.

    4. Study Well to Get Car Insurance Discounts

      Many insurance companies in the US offer students with good grades (better than a B) “good student discounts” on their monthly car payments. While the amount might not seem big at first, it adds up to  a substantial number by the end of the year.

    5. Student Discount on Health Care

      Most universities in the US offer low cost health care and medicines to students. So, before you go to a pharmacist’s shop outside your campus, make sure to check for the medicines in you college.

    6. Students Deals at Banks

      In case you have a bank account, or plan to open one, make sure to check if you are eligible for any of the bank’s special student deals. Some banks offer special rates or promotions for students.


    7. Saving on Stationery

      When we say saving on books, we do not mean don’t buy books, we simply mean try to find ways to get hold of cheaper books. Many books, say, for example, Management books, are quite expensive. You may try any of the following options to save on books.

      • Rent books

      Renting books can save you quite a few dollars.

      • Visit a university bookstore

      Usually, at the beginning of the semester, there will be plenty of used books, which are much cheaper than the new ones. The students, who do not need them anymore, return these books to the bookstore. Also, check with the bookstore staff on returning and refunding deadlines and policies.

      • Buy second-hand stuff

      some students sell books after semester is over. As bookstore refunding is not satisfactory to many students, they prefer to sell their textbooks themselves, and it might turn to be the cheapest option.

Apart from all the methods mentioned above, there are still more ways to save some money.

      • Many department stores and home furnishing stores offer students a discount.
      • You can get such educational discount on Hardware and software, and save an impressive sum of money. Be sure to research student discounts when purchasing items like a computer.

The more you talk to people and travel, the more you will discover about how to save money in USA, so, do more, to discover more.

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