List Of Scholarships For Indian Students To Study In USA

Scholarships, grants, and fellowships are generally based on the student’s academic ability and performance through the years. Only an academically outstanding student is considered for this type of a reward. Every year thousands of students, looking at studying abroad, hunt for information about scholarships that are available to them. These can be private or public and can even be research grants. This type of aid is usually in the form of money. If you’re planning on studying in the US, check if you are eligible, and if you can avail of any of the scholarships mentioned in this article. Why pay more when you can pay less? The TOEFL test is also a great approach to availing a scholarship to study in USA.

A scholarship can be of two kinds:

Full: The scholarship pays for the student’s entire tuition fee, living expenses, his books, etc.

Partial: The scholarship pays only for tuition fee (this could also be in part). The student will have to provide for partial funding through other sources.

Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in the USA

There are many scholarships that are available exclusively for Indian students who want to study in the US. Given below is a list of scholarships for Indian students to study abroad after the 12th or graduation, especially in the United States.

Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships

The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation scholarships are for students who wish to study abroad in North America or Europe and have show exceptional talent in their field of choice. Scholarships are not offered in Engineering, Computer Science, Business Studies, Medicine, Public Health, Fashion Design, Music and Film Animation.

Scholarship Amount: Not more than USD 100,000

Other details:

  • If the total funding required which includes tuition, one-way travel, and living expenses is more than US$100,000, the student must produce proof that they can cover the course completely during the interview process.
  • Candidates must show evidence that they have the ability to cover full funding for their courses at the time of their interviews in May/June. The Foundation does not cover candidates that are not fully funded.
  • Acceptance of any other scholarship, teaching assistantships, and part-time jobs are subject to approval from the Foundation.


Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowship

The Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowship are Master’s Fellowships which are offered to outstanding Indian students who want to study at an accredited US institution and selected colleges and universities in the USA. The areas for studies can include Arts and Culture Management including Heritage Conservation and Museum Studies; Environmental Science/Studies; Higher Education Administration; International Legal Studies; Public Administration; Public Health; Urban and Regional Planning; and Women’s Studies/Gender Studies.

Other details:

  • Candidates must have at least three years’ professional work experience and committed to return and contribute to their communities.
  • The Grant benefits include J-1 visa support, round trip economy class air travel, funding for tuition and fees, living and related costs, and accident and sickness coverage as per U.S. government guidelines


The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Programme

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow Programme is a Fulbright program that allows young and mid-level career professionals from developing countries the opportunity to pursue non-degree graduate study and related practical professional experience in USA for a period of 10 months. The fellowships are awarded in the fields of Agricultural and Rural Development; Communications/Journalism; Economic Development; Educational Administration, Planning and Policy; Finance and Banking; Higher Education Administration; HIV/AIDS Policy and Prevention; Human Resource Management; Law and Human Rights; Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change; Public Health Policy and Management; Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration; Substance Abuse Education, Treatment and Prevention; Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (Teacher Training or Curriculum Development); Technology Policy and Management; Trafficking in Persons, Policy and Prevention; Urban and Regional Planning.

Other details:

  • Candidates have to be proficient in both written and spoken English and will be required to take Internet-based Test (iBT) of English as a Foreign Language ().
  • The Humphrey fellows undertake master’s level work directly related to their professional needs and fields of interest but does not result in the awarding of a degree.


Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow Programme needs a valid TOEFL score!

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students

Reliance Industries along with Stanford GSB created the Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students to provide deserving students the opportunity to study at the Stanford Graduate Business School.

Number of Scholarships: Up to 5 Fellowships

Scholarship Amount: Approximately USD 150,000 total

Other details:

  • The fellow financial support for the cost of tuition and associated fees for the two-year MBA program.
  • Fellows are expected to return to India and work for an Indian organization within two years of completing their MBA


Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship

The Rotary Foundation Grant can be used to fund scholarships with high-impact and sustainable outcomes in six areas of focus:

  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and community development
  • Disease prevention and treatment

Scholarship Amount: Minimum amount USD 15,000, and the maximum is USD 30,000.

Other Details:

  • While choosing activities, choose only those which are sustainable and measurable, only those which will support one or more areas of focus. Activities should stem from the needs of the community.
  • Global grants must be sponsored by two Rotary clubs, the host country where the student is from, and at the US where the student is going. Both partners must be Future Vision pilot members.


Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship

The fellowship was established in the memory of Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala who was a 1952 graduate of the Booth school. The fellowship which offer tuition support is available for students of Booth’s full-time MBA program.

Number of Scholarships: 2

Scholarship Amount: USD 25,000


The Indian Trust Fellowship

The fellowship grants students a total sum of USD 10,000 to cover tuition fees while pursuing a full-time MBA at the Booth School of Business in Chicago.

Number of Scholarships: 2

Scholarship Amount: Total Sum for USD 10,000

Other details:

  • Applicants have to prove academic excellence, leadership qualities, and extracurricular achievements
  • Candidates living/working in India when applying to Booth school are eligible

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

The AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (AU EGL) is aimed to help high-performing students pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the US. Students must be active in civic and social activities. This scholarship is aimed at students who plan to improve the under-resourced and undeserved communities back in their home country. This scholarship is offered by the American University, Washington DC and is offered to any field of undergraduate study at the University.

Number of scholarships: 1

Other Details

  • The AU EGL scholarship covers all billable expenses like full tuition, room, and board. The scholarship does not cover non-billable expenses like cost of books, airfare, and health insurance.
  • This is renewable for a total of four years of undergraduate study, and is based on continued satisfactory and academic performance.


Tata Scholarships for Cornell University

The Tata Education and Development Trust (Ratan Tata of Tata Sons Ltd.) has given a $25 million endowment to Cornell University to offer financial aid to underprivileged but meritorious Indian students who wish to study undergraduate courses at Cornell.

Number of scholarships: 20


There are several other scholarships available for Indian students who want to study in USA including the ETS TOEFL Scholarship, Lady Meherbai D. Tata Education Trust Scholarships, etc. There are also specific scholarships for MS in the USA or even for a Master’s program like the Rotary Peace fellowships or scholarships specifically for women including the AAUW International Fellowships, MIT-Zaragoza Women in Logistics and SCM Scholarship, and the Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund.

For complete list of scholarships to study in India & abroad, visit: Scholarships for Indian Students

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