List of Universities & Colleges in United States (USA) - State-wise

List of Universities & Colleges in United States

The United States of America is a federal republic comprising of fifty federal states, and one federal republic. The U.S. economy is the world’s largest national economy and is a leading economic, political, and cultural force in the world. It is not surprising then that it is also the leading “study abroad” destination for international students across the world, being home to more than 4,500 higher education institutes (universities & colleges. in New York.)

The United States is home to some of the best universities in the world with more than 50 US universities featuring in the top 200 world rankings.  Famous US universities like Columbia, Harvard and Stanford are known to provide students with opportunities to interact with experts in different fields and simulate real-life situations to help them understand a subject better. No  wonder, then, that the US attracts some of the best talents from across the world, including India.

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The following pages provide university information about some of the most preferred destinations by US bound Indian students.

collages and universities in united states of america

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