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Why Studying Abroad is a Good Option for Your Career


Why Studying Abroad is a Good Option for Your Career

Most students feel confused when it comes to choosing a suitable college for higher education. While domestic colleges have a reputation of their own, the advantages of abroad education definitely put students in a dilemma. Apart from getting the opportunity to experience world-class infrastructure, attaining foreign education can help students gain an identity that makes them stand out in the crowd. The journey to crossing oceans and settling down in a different country can be overwhelming. This is why it is important to know why studying abroad is a good option for your career.

7 Benefits of Studying Abroad

1. An opportunity to learn a new language:

When you go abroad to study, you get exposed to a lot of new cultures and languages. And it is always believed that if you want to learn a new thing, learning it practically is better than cramming the theory. The same goes for learning a new language. While studying abroad, you’ll interact with people speaking foreign languages which will inspire you to learn a second language yourself.

Being fluent in a second language also boosts the chances of getting hired by multinational corporations. It is equally beneficial while trying to break into the world of international business. Speaking the same language as the locals helps to build a strong foundation of trust and loyalty. Many careers in international relations and diplomacy demand great language skills. During an interview, depicting these skills, considerably helps the candidate outshine the competition. Therefore, knowing a different language can have a strong positive impact on one’s career.

2. Experience different teaching styles:

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for the students. It can expose them to a completely different teaching style than what they are accustomed to. Foreign universities, especially the ones in the UK, US and Australia host some of the most renowned faculties in the world. Learning from such teachers can really expand the academic horizons of the students. Some of the most common teaching styles are the authority style, facilitator style and delegator style. Depending on where you go to study, you’ll have to adapt to a new teaching style. But each style is unique and prepares a student to be more versatile.

3. Personality development:

Living on your own while studying in a foreign country can boost your confidence. It helps you break out of your shell and interact with people from all parts of the world. Each day can feel like a challenge, but overcoming them can be equally enriching. It helps you to become competent as a future leader. You learn to develop diligence, compassion and self-reliance. Your communication skills and leadership qualities significantly improve as you traverse the unknown waters on your own.

4. Enhance your network:

In today’s world, simply studying and securing the top grades is not enough to grow in your career. Networking is the need of the hour. When you opt for a school abroad, you choose to build invaluable relationships with people from all over the world. You become a part of a community of students from both local regions and abroad. It gives you a scope to widen your social opportunities and connect to exciting career opportunities.

Studying in a well-reputed university can add value to a student’s profile. Most schools have a responsive, supportive and high-impact alumni association with members serving different executive roles across the globe. Connecting with such dignitaries enhances clarity while carving out a future path.

Many universities abroad, allow their students to explore and experience the same major at one of their partner universities. For example, a student studying in one of the top universities of Singapore can get the opportunity to spend a semester at a partner university in France. Such exchange programs further enhance a student’s network.

5. Get acquainted with new cultures:

Most of us spend our childhood and our adolescence under the influence of a certain culture. Our cultural background has a huge impact on our response to different situations, and our perspectives on various matters.
Studying abroad gives you a wonderful chance to grow and evolve both academically and culturally. Cultural acceptance is an important part of education as it determines a student’s cross-cultural awareness. Being a student, an individual is more receptive to change. Each individual is brought up uniquely under different circumstances. Mingling in different cultures further widens a person’s worldview. It guides the person to see the world in a different light.

6. Better career opportunities:

A student who has pursued an abroad education is a really good problem solver. Along with the other acquired skills like knowledge of a foreign language and cross-cultural awareness, a student can stand out in the competitive workforce. A recent survey had revealed that 64% of employers give preference to students with an abroad education, while 92% of employers look for transferable skills, like the flexibility to face new challenges.
The management of many global organizations believes that students with an abroad education bring much more to the table than someone without one. They have been observed to apply their knowledge gained during their degree, at a more practical level with a better understanding of the influence of the different social factors. Thus, studying abroad can make a resumé stand out and boost that person’s career at the launch.

7. Travel and explore the world:

Studying abroad gives you an amazing opportunity to travel and visit places, which you, otherwise, wouldn’t have been able to. Apart from sightseeing, students also get to participate in different competitions and conferences in neighboring countries. Seeing the various nooks and corners of the world pushes a student out of their comfort zone and teaches valuable lessons of responsibility and independence.


Studying abroad is an adventure of a lifetime. The only challenge is finding the right program that will cater to your academic interests. Many universities offer scholarships to international students to alleviate their financial woes. The governments too are working in harmony to support the network of universities. Choose the official websites to get the important updates. Follow your dreams and reach for the stars!

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