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College Teachers

Lecturers and Professors need to devote a lot of time on research and preparation of lectures and practicals. They have to be update with the latest information and happenings related to their subjects, and hence have to be well read and well informed. They need to keep track of developments taking place all over the world in higher education. The time spent in research may be more than the actual teaching hours, but that varies according to the institutions and the post of the lecturer. Those who carry out a lot of research may even publish their work or contribute to professional organizations.

Most of the lectures to be conducted are related to a specific topic or course options. The lecturer has to conduct classes for a large number of students and each lecture can be of about 11/2 to 2 hours duration. Lectures can be conducted with the aid of slide shows and audio-video presentations to make them more interesting and easy to comprehend. The lecturers might even have to conduct group discussions and seminars for smaller group of students.

Lecturers aim to enhance the students’ power of observation, understanding, interpretation, analysis and decision making. They also encourage originality and creativity of ideas in students.

Apart from conducting lectures the lecturers are engaged in a number of other tasks such as setting and evaluating assignments and examinations, keeping record of students performance, guiding and evaluating the research and project work of the students. They also have to supervise and assess the practical work of the students. At times they also might have to assist in administrative tasks such as admission procedures, curriculum design and update, supervising examinations and acting as external examiners for other colleges, helping students with personal and career problems, assist in extra curricular activities.

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