Junior School Teachers

At the junior school level, the teachers are responsible for students in the age group of 7-12 in classes 1 to 6. They help children to develop their use of languages, explore mathematical ideas, and introduce them to history, geography, science and creative arts. They also train the students in physical education, music, reading, elocution, dramatics, art and craft. Creative techniques in teaching are used for lower classes, while classes for the older students are more formal and involve regular homework and tests.

Most junior school teachers instruct one class of children in all the subjects, however in some schools a group of two or more teachers teach and together are responsible for a group of students. In other schools, a teacher may teach one particular subject such as science, languages, mathematics, art and craft, music or physical education to a number of classes.

Apart from class room teaching, a teacher is involved in a number of other activities, such as keeping record of class attendance; designing the teaching outline; preparing the lessons; gathering instructional material; conducting tests and examinations; evaluating the performances of each student; preparing the report cards; attending faculty meetings; attending parents teacher meetings; and supervising extracurricular activities after school hours.

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