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Humans as Organisms

In this project, children will explore the importance of eating the right types and amount of food to help keep them healthy. They will also learn the importance of dental hygiene and the effect eating has on their teeth and gums.

Learning Objective:

To understand that eating the right types and the right amount of food helps human beings to stay healthy.


You can make : ‘Lift – the – flap’ ‘My Favourite Food Book’.
  1. Each child in the class can contribute a page.
  2. At the top of the page write ‘My favourite food is…….’
  3. Ask each child to draw / stick a picture of their favourite food near the bottom of the page and write what it is.
  4. Now stick a paper flap over the picture to hide it.
  5. Ask each child to think of a description of his favourite food which can be written on the flap to help readers to guess what is written underneath.
  6. Now pass the book around the class and see if the children can guess the food from the description given.
  7. You can ask the children what other food they would require besides their favourite ones, to make sure they are following a healthy diet.

Healthy Teeth And Gums


Learning Objective :

To recognise the relationship between eating and healthy teeth and gums.
  1. Talk to the children about their teeth. They will probably want to know about teeth falling out.
  2. Encourage them to look closely at their teeth and gums in the mirror. Do they see any difference between their teeth and that of the others in the class / or at home ?
  3. You can ask them to identify the role played by teeth in eating.
  4. Discuss the difference between molars and canine teeth.
  5. You can also talk to them and find out why they think they need to brush their teeth ?
  6. Encourage them to realise that all food can harm their teeth if it is left there for a long time. It is not just sweets and sugar that harms teeth.
  7. Tell them about the importance of brushing their teeth thoroughly to remove all traces of food. Brushing teeth using up and down strokes is more beneficial than brushing from one side to the other.
  8. Ask them to look again at the mirror and examine their teeth closely. Which places do they think tiny bits of food can get stuck ?
  9. Talk about the importance of brushing around their gums and also around the teeth. Show them dental floss and encourage them to floss their teeth regularly.
  10. Divide the children into groups and ask them to design their own posters encouraging other children to brush their teeth properly. What do they think is the important point to stress upon in the poster?
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