Think beyond Engineering: 10 career options for students with PCM combination in class 12

Most of the students in class 12 with a PCM or Physics-Chemistry-Maths combination opts for an engineering degree after 12th while only a few actually look out for other career options. Today, students prefer to choose careers that need them to step out of their comfort zone and do something new. With new career opportunities arising everyday, there is a demand for skilled resources in every sector. For someone with a PCM degree, there are a number of career options he/she can choose other than Engineering. Given below is 10 such career options that can be a great alternative to Engineering.

1. Architecture

A career in architecture can be very rewarding. With new industries growing each day, there is a requirement for office space to accommodate the resources working everyday to bring profit. Architects work behind the planning, designing and execution of these office spaces, IT parks and other commercial and residential buildings. A career in architecture requires a person to have an eye for detail and good knowledge of aesthetics and great observation skills. Buildings like Burj Khalifa, Petronas Tower, Lotus temple and Taj Mahal are all examples of good architectural works.

2. Industrial Design

Industrial design refers to designing products that are manufactured in mass like mobiles, appliances and automobiles like cars and motorbikes. Industrial designing needs technical expertise which is taught to students from PCM background. Industrial designing is not only limited to designing products, but also requires extensive researching and developing too.

3. Forensic Science

Forensic Science plays a very important role in crime investigation. Due to increase in the number of crimes the demand for a scientific and methodical approach to solve cases quickly and effectively is also high. Forensic scientists have high observational skills which they use to collect, analyze and record evidences. A person with a strong base in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry can take up Forensic Science as a career. Remember, you’ll also need to have biology as a subject to pursue this course.

4. Defense

A career in defense is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious careers. One can choose to serve the country through any one of the three primary branches in defense, namely, the Army, the Navy, or the Air Force. If you have the passion and the commitment to serve the nation fighting against all odds then a career in defense is what you could opt for. There are a number of written and physical examinations that one needs to clear before getting selected.

5. Physicists

A career as a physicist needs you to be very good in the core subjects like Physics and Mathematics. Physicists working in laboratories in research, dedicate most of their time on projects trying to find solutions, investigating theoretical concepts and also making presentations about their findings. The nature of work varies from industry to industry like an Aerospace physicist will work on technological innovations while a Biophysicist will study living organisms and life processes.

6. Teaching

Teaching in a noble profession and is a great way to give back something valuable to the society. Teaching is a great career option for those who like to share their knowledge with people and can explain tricky problems and concepts easily. You can get a professional degree to teach PCM to people in schools and colleges and start off your teaching journey.

7. Pharmacy

A career in pharmacy is fruitful for you if you’re very good at Chemistry and Maths. Pharmacists are also known as chemists/druggists. Pharmacists research, experiment and create drugs that are used for medicinal purpose. Pharmacists need to have a good knowledge on the usage and effects of drugs and should also be very good at mathematics to ensure that the composition of drug is right. Every time when you pop a pill to cure your ailment, thank the pharmacists along with your doctor!

8. Data Analytics

A data analyst research, calculate and analyze complex market data derived through scientific methods and present them in simple language to help organizations to make more-informed business decisions. Data analysts churn out the useful data from a pool of information and present it in a systematic way. A degree in Statistics or IT is a must to begin a career in data analytics.

9. Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is a a new-age offbeat career that is both exciting and challenging. Ethical hackers, as opposed to the unethical ones, breach the security of a computer system  to find out faults in the system. The work with various organizations and help to improve their security measures by finding out bugs in their company’s network security. Ethical hackers must have great logical knowledge and problem solving attitude.

10. Aviation

A career as a pilot is one of the highest paying jobs in India. To qualify as a pilot one must be physically fit along with having a great logic and quick decision making ability. It is a little tough to get the commercial pilot license as you need to qualify a number of exams which includes written, oral, medical and physical, but once you qualify for the role, you can work with any airline company on a contractual basis.

So next time when people tell you which branch of Engineering you’ll choose, let them know that you have a handful of other career options to go for!

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