ICFAI University

For almost 30 years, the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) has been an integral source of highly trained professionals for the business sector in India. Ranked among the top 20 B-schools, the university has an impressive history, wide national presence, superb campuses and highly regarded faculty.


ICFAI aims to provide its students with top-notch, career building post graduate programmes. They equip students with practical life skills and instill in them a solid sense of integrity. The university’s goal is to create a healthy environment for their students to conduct research, particularly in matters that affect the socio-economic and cultural development of the individual state and the whole nation.


ICFAI has four separate administrative bodies, each headed by the Vice Chancellor.

•    The Board of Management: includes the Deans of Faculties, an academician nominated by the Central Government, two senior teachers, a nominee from the Sponsoring Society and a secretary.
•    The Academic Council: includes the Deans of Faculties, HODs, ten professors, three associate professors, three assistant professors, three educationists related to the IFHE, three members with specialized knowledge and a secretary.
•    Planning and Monitoring Board: includes seven internal members, three external experts and a secretary
•    Finance Committee: includes a Sponsoring Body nominee, two nominees from the Board, a Central Govt. representative, a State Govt. representative and a Finance Officer.


ICFAI has independently functioning campuses in several states all over India.
•    Dehradun
•    Tripura
•    Sikkim
•    Mizoram
•    Jharkhand
•    Nagaland
•    Jaipur
•    Raipur
•    Himachal Pradesh
•    Hyderabad (Deemed University)


ICFAI offers a number of under-graduate and post-graduate programmes including:

•    MBA – Master of Business Administration that runs for 2 years
•    Ph.D – a research based, doctorate programme for those interested in management teaching and consultancy. It is available both as a part-time or full-time course and takes 4 years to complete
•    BBA – a 3 year Bachelor of Business Administration programme for those who have completed 12thwith acceptable marks
•    B.Tech – a full time, 4 year campus based course for those who want to enter the field of engineering
•    MS in Computational Science and Engineering – a 4 semester course for graduates who want to specialize in computational science
•    BBA-LLB – a comprehensive, 5 year integrated law programme with honors


Each campus is a lush area of multiple acres – ranging from the smallest in Dehradun (25 acres) to the largest in Hyderabad (91 acres).
All of ICFAI’s campus classrooms include up-to-date audio and visual technology to facilitate learning. Computers labs with high speed internet and Wi-Fi are made available to all students.  Libraries on each campus include complete documents and books necessary for review, research and consultancy purposes. They remain open 15 hours a day.

Ample living quarters for men, women and staff is provided on all campuses.Recreational facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, table tennis, basketball courts, cricket and soccer fields and a gym are available for use by students at the larger campuses in Hyderabad and Tripura.

Other facilities include dining halls, meditation halls, medical clinic and auditoriums for each campus. IBS has a special outdoor arena for outdoor performances. The overall infrastructure of all the campuses of the university have been reviewed well by students and faculty.

Crowd and campus life

Students from all over India, both male and female,attend classes at the ICFAI campuses. Though the nature of their programmes is rigorous, students still find time to attend external seminars, be involved in different culture clubs and make use of the various recreational facilities. Blood drives for donating blood are also carried out to help the community. Because many students are required to live on campus, there is abundant opportunity to meet new people and experience new cultures.


In keeping with its mission to produce accomplished professionals, the faculty on ICFAI campuses set examples by consistently winning awards on international platforms for best case studies and papers. Each member of staff and Board of Management has had long term experience in their own respective fields and continue to add to the CFA society through their research and lectures.


Through its considerable influence, ICFAI has developed a strong network with companies in manufacturing, engineering, IT and financial fields. Graduates are now employed at top companies such as 3i Infotech, Aerosoft, IBM India, Microsoft India, CGI Technologies and CISCO Systems. Because students invest their valuable time and money in ICFAI, the university is committed to giving back by providing their guidance, support and connections in the industry.

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The IBS campus alone has an alumni base of over 7400 who have found success with top rated companies both overseas and in India. The IBS Alumni Federation allows former students to keep in touch with each other by regularly making efforts to meet through their chapters.  

The Verdict

There can be no doubt that ICFAI is a remarkable educational establishment. Several ICFAI reviews speak highly of the faculty and the intensive, career boosting programmes but no matter how highly ranked the institute may be, it remains important to keep a look out for recurring problems that have arisen in the past, such as difficulty with reaching exam centers. Once you have a complete, impartial assessment of the university, only then should you make the choice to enroll.

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