Traffic Blues and Safety

Roads are an inseparable part of our daily existence, especially in metropolises, large cities and towns. However they are veritable death traps as, according to available statistics, thousands of people, children, men women and old folk lose their lives in road accidents each year. The pattern is same everywhere, be it in India or in other parts of the globe. As a natural corollary a specific branch of the City Police, namely the Traffic Police has emerged to play a key role on the city roads. Right from helping an old lady cross the streets to diverting/controlling traffic to preventing violence on the roads to helping accident victims, the Traffic Police perform their duties diligently.

The onus is also on the public at large, to guard themselves against accidents or other mishaps on the roads. This involves very simple steps e.g. obeying traffic signals, observing other rules related to speed, road signs, passengers etc. It is only when the public discharges this duty that the roads, with their overwhelming bulk of traffic, can prove to be pleasurable instead of being nightmarish.

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