Top 8 schools in India with Finland Education System

Best schools in India with Finland Education System. A big new export to India. Is Finnish school gaining traction in India?

The introduction of Finland’s education system in India is a sparkling debate. It has transformed the education system in India like never before. All the educational institutions following the Finland education system are ranked as the best schools in India. The reason Finland’s education system is getting popular is that it offers the best quality education and offers more student-centered learning which is the need of the hour. It helps the children in improvising their critical thinking skills.

Top 8 schools in India with Finland Education System

Think about those schools where students don’t have to participate in the rat race, where homework means doing interesting projects and not mugging up the syllabus; a school that does not put restrictions on the syllabus, Finland’s education system teaches everything to students. 

Here are the best 8 schools in India that are following the Finland Education system.


School Name



Garodia FinlandWay



Goenka Global Education



SISU Schools



HEI Schools

New Delhi


TAS -The Academy School



Ramagya Roots

New Delhi


Podar Education



Nordic High International School



Garodia FinlandWay, Mumbai

This school is mainly focused on offering children early education, partnered with FinlandWay®️ Schools. Garodia FinlandWay serves quality early education for families around the world. FinlandWay® Schools follow the Finnish early childhood education curriculum and methodology.


  • It offers a Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care model and provides holistic learning experiences. 
  • Finland’s education helps the child’s all-around development including students to become global citizens and future leaders.
  • The main USP of this school is its teachers, they are specially trained in practicing the pedagogical techniques of the Finnish Play.

Goenka Global Education, Pune

The Goenka Global Education has also collaborated with Educluster to start the Finland Education system in India. Both schools are popular for offering the best possible Finnish education. Goenka’s education system has left a strong impression on all levels of education in India.  


  • Goenka Global Education is offering holistic and transformative education through experiential learning environments.
  • The education curriculum is centered on empowering students with the suitable kind of thinking, abilities, and skill sets.
  • Goenka Global Education is focused on producing a learner-centric classroom, where skills will be aptitudes.

SISU Schools, Pune

SISU school in Pune is also one of the best Finland education systems following schools of India. As per the guidance of CCE Finland, the school has designed a Finnish Curriculum so that students creatively learn everything. With this education system, the school offers students a friendly and quality education environment.


  • SISU Schools offer common-sense practices and a holistic teaching environment to promote equity over excellence.
  • Also, helps to understand the fact that each child is unique and the requirement of each child is different.
  • This is where flexibility in the curriculum, day plans, and lesson plans comes that makes the Finnish model effective.

HEI Schools, New Delhi

HEI Schools will launch soon. HEI School will provide cutting-edge educational solutions for kindergartens and teachers based on Finland’s famous education system. It also provides high-quality early education to as many children and families.


    • HEI School will benefit child-focused approach aligned with their developmental needs.
    • It is inspired by Finland’s national early education curriculum and definitely builds essential skills through play and real-life experiences

TAS -The Academy School, Pune

TAS welcomes the World’s Best ‘Finland Education’ System for the first time in Pune, Maharashtra. TAS collaboration will definitely bring the world’s best learning possibilities to students.


    • TAS offers the perfect balance of classroom education and education from the world around. 
    • TAS Academy strives to create an environment that is conducive to the all-around and holistic development of the students.

Ramagya Roots, New Delhi

Ramagya Roots is one of the best pre-schools in Delhi NCR. Ramagya Roots serves the educational need of hundreds of students from the Toddler Program through KG. The classes in Ramagya Roots for every academic year starting from April to March.


    • CORE introduced care and support, edification, and sensitization of its children for their holistic development. 
    • It offers the children a more collective approach to learning to discover and nurture each child with individual attention.

Podar Education, Mumbai

Podar Education is also one of the popular schools following the Finland education system. It has joined hands with the New Nordic school. 


    • It aims at preparing the students for soft skills like collaborative problem-solving. 
    • It includes multi-age, interdisciplinary, and mindful teaching methods. The school follows a competency-based approach that develops 21st Century skills.

Nordic High International School, Indore

The Nordic High International school has introduced the renowned Finnish Curriculum integrated with the best pedagogical practices. It’s a personalized, purposeful, and locally relevant education system designed for Pre-K to grade 12 students.  


    • It offers students an opportunity to explore their natural creativity, discover true passions, and shape the best future.
    • Nordic School Educational System offers a student to prepare for a competitive world with the necessary skills and mindset.

5 interesting facts about Finland's Education System

Finnish students and teachers are part of a great system. The ideology and these strategies work, very well! Here are some of the interesting facts about the Finnish Education System:


  • Children that are studying under the Finland Education system do not start schooling before the age of 7 years.
  • Under the Finland Education system, there is no system of topper or failure in schools. 
  • Students were asked to address teachers with their first names. More student-teacher interaction.
  • Students get the liberty to build up their careers around their interests which the school highly supports.
  • The Finland education system is designed to develop children’s educational, social, personal, and emotional skills.


The goal is not to provide information into students’ brains, but to build skills and competencies in the real world, and store knowledge in their minds enough to be able to apply the same in their lives. The Finnish Education System is not a revolution; just an evolution. It is time India develops its own system as well.

20 hours a week and no homework. That’s the Finland Education system!