20 exciting career options for which you don't need a Bachelor degree

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We often hear people telling us how important it is to pursue higher education because it’ll help us build a better career in future. In India, people pursue undergraduate and post-graduate courses after school as it can help them to bag a handsomely paying job. In the present time, the scope of employment for freshers is increasing because youngsters are going for unconventional careers that are exciting as well as rewarding.

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Since some of these career options are relatively new, there are no formal college courses offered for them. Although, there are crash courses available varying anywhere between 3-9 months which will help the candidates to understand the field better and develop required skill-sets for it. Here is a list of 20 such career options which don’t need your college degree, have a look:

1. Stock Market Professionals

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The minimum age limit for this job is 21 years due to the market risks associated with this trade. candidates need to register with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Candidates must have a good knowledge and understanding of investments and capital markets to buy and sell stocks for their clients. There is a huge scope to earn in this field especially in the form of bonus. Know more about the profession here.

2. Travel Consultant

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Travel consultants coordinate and arrange travel for individuals/groups. Depending on your expertise and management skills, you can work for a travel agency or create your own agency. Travel consultants need to have good network, they must be technologically sound and must be able to negotiate well. Once a travel consultant can establish himself well, there is a scope to earn handsomely and gain more clients.

3. Interior Designer

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You don’t need to go to college to become an interior designer. But if you need to have a basic knowledge about the industry and the type of work, you can take up a course in Interior Designing. Interior designing is all about being creative and able to deliver as per client’s expectation. Interior designers can earn up to 50,000 per project depending on their popularity.

4. Professional YouTuber

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There are thousands of success stories on the internet about people becoming overnight sensation on YouTube. YouTube being a free video platform provides the opportunity to millions of aspiring artists to showcase their work to the world and reach millions of people for free. You can also become a full time YouTuber and earn by showcasing your skills online.

5. Makeup Artist

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If you love doing makeup then you can consider becoming a makeup artist. makeup artists are required during weddings, photo shoots and even in television industry. You can work as a freelance makeup artist, set up your own salon or work for celebrities as their personal makeup artists. The pay is very good. You can start anywhere between 15,000-25,000 and can earn upto 50,000-60,000 depending on your expertise.

6. Dance Instructor

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If you are passionate for dancing then you can build your career as a dance instructor or choreographer. You can start your own dance class or join any academy as a dance teacher too.  Depending on your ability, you can also build your dance troupe and perform shows nationally and internationally. you may need to struggle in the beginning to establish yourself but once you can prove your worth, you’ll be able to earn good.

7. Real Estate Agent

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To help people find the best home within their budget and need, real estate agent comes into play. You need to be above 18 years and pass the real estate license examination to get on field experience. They help clients to rent,buy and sell properties and the charges vary depending on area, location etc. Also, real estate agents need to have good networking skills and computer knowledge.

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8. Personal Trainer

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With people getting very heath conscious lately, personal trainers are in huge demand. You can become a personal trainer after completing your school by enrolling in a short course where you’ll be taught  in details about the procedure and once you complete the course you can become a personal trainer. The job needs patience and good interactive skills to help clients achieve fruitful results. Depending on the level of expertise and years of experience, personal trainers can earn up to 80,000/- per month.

9. Politician

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You need to be a 25+ Indian citizen to become a politician. Needless to say, leadership and networking skills are must for this role. if you want to bring a change in the country and do something for the welfare of the people, you can definitely think about getting into politics. Also, you can earn up to 10 lakhs per annum depending on your position.

10. Modelling

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If you qualify for all the requirement sin modelling, it can turn out to be a lucrative career. Models are required for photo-shoots of different brands hence the demand is huge. The pay varies depending on the project you are working in and your popularity as a model. You can also take part in beauty and modelling contests to increase your chances of getting noticed.

11. Ethical Hacker

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If you are are a pro in computing and can break through online security codes easily, grab a certificate for Ethical Hacking and become a professional ethical hacker. You can earn up to 1 lakh per month and the best part is, you can pursue ethical hacking course right after class 10! So register yourself soon and grab your Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification.

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12. Photographer

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If you are passionate about photography, consider a career as a professional photographer. The scope of work is huge as photographers are required in every field like modelling, film making, for events and for journalistic activities. You can do a short course in photography and then decide which filed to choose, like, fashion photographer, wildlife photographer, wedding photographer etc, 

13. Wedding Planner

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If you think you can assist the bride or groom and plan a memorable wedding for them, this is the job you should go for. Wedding planners work in a team and supervises all the work related to the wedding like decor, dining, transportation etc within the client’s budget. Wedding planners must have good networking skills along with the ability to multitask. Wedding planners can earn up to 1-2 lakhs per wedding.

14. Professional Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

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If you love animals and then this will be a dream job for you. Due to the busy schedule, most people cannot afford to find out time to look after their pets or take them for walk which is why they hire professional pet walkers and pet sitters who can take their pet to walk or look after them and feed them while the owners are at work. All you need is to understand the temperament of the pets to get along with them well.

15. Writer

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If you love to play with words and can write for hours on any random topic, consider a career as a writer. You need to write original, error free content which people will love to read. You can become a poet/author or try writing for websites and blogs. Writing jobs are in high demand due to the need for fresh and original content that drives more people to various websites.

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16. Purchasing Agent

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Purchasing agent deal with importing and exporting goods to and from a country. If you want to come to this profession you need to get a license first. Their main job includes verifying, preparing, and forwarding purchase orders,verifying receipt of items, authorizing payment etc. Payment is good depending on the division you are in.

17. Registered Nurse

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The minimum age limit for this job is 17 years and you should pass class 12 with Science. There are various institutes that offer a certificate course on nursing. Salary is also good and ranges somewhere between 2-2.5 lakhs per annum. 

18. Commercial Pilots

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If you have passed your 10+2 with Science, you can become pilot. First, you need to acquire the Student Pilot License (SPL) by registering at a flying club after which you have to acquire the Private Pilot License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot Licence(CPL) through training. Salary ranges from 1.5-5 lakhs per month and added bonus is you can fly to so many different places.

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19. Detectives

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Detectives are sometimes also referred to as agents or special agents. their job is to gather facts for criminal investigations. They compile evidence by observing suspects, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and examining various physical evidence. The job is very challenging and needs quick presence of mind.

20. Clinical Laboratory Technician

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Clinical laboratory technicians work in hospital and private clinical or research laboratories or in office labs. The person needs to perform routine clinical laboratory tests, sample testing and sometimes even sample collection to find out the underlying causes of any ailment. 

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