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Management, in general, encapsulates the regular activities related to typical functions like marketing, finance, human resource and so on. But, event management is a branch which, more or less, calls for skills from almost every field of management with a generous dash of creativity. All forms of creativity are appreciated and put to good use in this field.

Events have already become an indispensible part of our culture with newer areas demanding event management professionals in varied capacities; it has definitely captured the minds of youth. The attraction of the field is such that many a management professional have started a career in a specific domain, and left it to turn to event management. The field offers merits like creative satisfaction, exposure to people from various domains and statures, and financial rewards to mention the few relevant ones. Now, let’s answer the whats, hows and whys of event management.   

What counts as a successful event?


Have you ever wondered about the factors which made you enjoy an event immensely or may be, leave an event to come home for comfort and peace? Many of us refer to certain events which were delightful due to various reasons and knowingly or unknowingly, compare the future events to that one, since it has left a permanent imprint on our memory. Why do some events stand out? A successful event would be one where all the arrangements are in place and no inconveniences are caused to the visitors participating in it. Well, such an event does make us satisfied and content, however it is the special something or as they say the ‘X-factor’ that makes an event unforgettable. Many examples of international events can be cited which left a mark so strong on the minds of participants and spectators, alike, that they were remembered for generations, together. These happened because, some creative minds working together created moments which could be described as sheer magic.

How can one become an event manager?

To start with, one should ask certain questions to oneself – whether you would like a job in event management since it involves a horde of skills, in addition to the basic prerequisite, which is undeniably the interpersonal skill. After this step, one has to hunt for a reputed institute which offers well- designed courses in management. The length, content and campus recruitment facilities are then the deciding factors for pursuing a course. AIMS, Bangalore is one such institute offering various employment friendly courses.

What does the task of an event management professional involve?

Event management professionals make it their business to look into the nitty-gritty, which go into the making of an event. Getting in touch with professionals related to the activities to be held in the event and working along with them, constitutes a major chunk of the job. Basic management skills are, of course, put to test, considering the short interval in which varied activities have to be managed with the prerequisite standards, regardless of the unique nature of obstacles that can occur. In addition to this, creative event management demands an innovative and amiable treatment, be it a wedding, year-end party or an official conference. In this world, your work more than speaks for you, it actually dictates the future opportunities to either line up or blow away. Underline the characteristics like good interpersonal skills, exceptional team playing capabilities, creative thinking and decision making abilities for an illustrious event management career. Add to it, long and irregular working hours, out–of–the box thinking and on-the-spot problem solving capabilities to stand out and reach great heights.

One can find many self-taught event managers as there are qualified ones who are making a mark in this field and truly, sky is the limit for event management professionals. However, the bottom line remains “Passion is the bridge that makes the journey worth embarking on” for most of the careers, but more so for event management.

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